Why Imperfect Action Leads to Long-term Success


Im sure we’ve all said something along these lines or heard someone around us say them. I know i’ve made similar excuses in my past and even feel those thoughts still try to creep in from time to time.

But my question is why?! 

Why do we feel that when it comes to our fitness and nutrition, it always has to be “all or nothing?!” Why do we wait for that perfect time to start, when we know good and well, NO time is perfect.

Why do we allow ourselves another day, week or month to take 10 more steps back, feel worse than we did before, before “getting back on the wagon?” 

Not only does this cycle put us in a worse place physically, but mentally as well. Think about it…

How would it feel when a good friend tells you that they want to get together, you set up a time to meet (in your busy, chaotic schedules of life), you’re pumped to have that one on one time and they cancel on you last minute? Not only once or twice, but over and over and over!! Not cool, right?!

Something tells me you wouldn’t be okay with being treated that way, it shows a lack of respect for you as a person and your time. So, why do we treat ourselves this way? Why do we make promises to ourselves that we continually break? By doing this we show a lack of respect for ourselves, and we deserve so much more than that!

 I would venture to say that when we promise to start that new habit  whenever the “time is right,” and we end up putting it off or failing at it because we built it up into a major, monumental event, the sting is worse. It’s a bigger knife to the heart than that a**hole friend, because now the only person to blame is ourselves.

Taking no action at all is a paralyzer. It makes us stagnant, suffocates motivation and moves us further and further away from actually achieving our goals. So what gives? How can we change this cycle? 

Let go of perfection

 In a world where we see “perfect” lives, bodies, fitness, travel, nutrition smothered all over social media, it’s important to remember, most things- espeically on social media- are not what they seem! If you look at a photo and think, “wow, they must have it so easy, or they have it all together,” i’d argue that quite the opposite is true. We all have struggles, challenges and messy lives and that’s okay- I think that’s what makes life interesting! But, how we handle those imperfections is what changes the game. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, because it will surely never come! 

Start Small

I find it easiest to start with the little things so you can start off with a win. If we start off with a goal that we end up failing at then we are starting from a negative place and only leads back to square one. This of course will be easier for those of you who aren’t perfectionists like me, I have always struggled with waiting for the right time or for all the stars to align! Start with something you can do right away to just get the momentum rolling. It’s a snowball effect once you start making small changes and feel little bits of accomplishment, it starts to get easier and easier and the wins become bigger and bigger! 

So even if it’s Thursday, in the middle of the month, and you know you need to give up soda pop…start now. Do what works for you, maybe it’s giving it up on during the week, maybe it’s starting with one day a week- do something that you know you can succeed at, make it a win, and then build from there! Maybe the rest of your nutrition still needs work, maybe you still need to be more active, but i garuntee you, if you start small, it will only motivate you from there. 


 This is something we preach time and time again, and you know why? Because it works! When we set goals, no matter how big or small, it can be REALLY easy to talk ourselves out of it when the going gets tough or temptation arises. The excuses creep in and we can easily convince ourselves why it’s okay to veer off track and make exceptions. Having that person to answer to that you know will be asking if you stuck to it, can be that push we need to stay focused. Find a friend, a coach, a co-worker to be that person for you. Make sure it’s someone you know you will take seriously and someone who will give you some tough love and hold you to a high standard! Aside from that person, make sure you identify and communicate the level of accountability you need. Are you someone who needs daily communication, just once a week or maybe the weekends ? Knowing what will work best for you and making sure your accountability buddy is on the same page, will create the most success!

So, this holiday season, we ecourage you to start. Take action, even if it’s messy, imperfect and beginning with the smallest thing. If you’re sick of being in the same place, in the same vicious cyle, don’t wait another day. Create those wins for yourself and feel that sense of accomplishment and then keep pushing for bigger wins. Your time is NOW. Your time to prove to yourself you are deserving of feeling your absolute best is now. Stop waiting, start doing. Look in the mirror and make a committment to yourself today that you are enough. You are capable and you WILL succeed. No and’s, if’s or but’s! Set a goal and take action. If it doesn’t pan out exactly how you envisioned, look at what went wrong, learn from it and then take action again and do better. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and let’s make this the year to start now, go into 2019 feeling AHEAD and accomplished!