Whitney R.

“I’ll admit, I was in the mindset that flexible dieting was unhealthy and only for scrawny, dehydrated fitness models. I thought I had it all figured out with my paleo-ish diet. After a year of feeling sub-par and ‘soft’ even though I was eating clean and working out I decided I needed to try something totally different. Lucky for me it was right around this time I was traveling a bit for work and dropping into gyms all over the state. After one class at Thorbecke’s, my jaw (and my ego) was on the floor looking at these women. What was in the water here?! Not only did they look amazing, they were strong as shit. I asked around and that’s when I heard about Flex Fuel. Of course my first question was, “but can I drink wine?” and when the answer was yes, I was SOLD.

Fast forward about 3 months of working with Katy and I’m down 12 lbs, a couple of inches, and hitting PR’s on the daily. I was blown away I could hit my back squat PR at a lighter weight—and now only a couple pounds away from a double body weight lift. Also my bench press that hadn’t moved in over a year suddenly popped up 20# over my body weight. Damn! If you can’t tell, for me it was more about how I felt and performed vs. how I looked (but that’s a nice perk). Everything feels good. My sleep is awesome, I’m waking up before my alarm clock (unheard of) and my clothes fit so much better.

Weighing and measuring my food has been a huge eye opener. I am forever grateful for this knowledge and flabbergasted at how much of the wrong things I was eating before. I am also forever grateful to Katy. She has been such a great resource and coach throughout the process…plus, look at her, hello? I can’t wait to see what the next 3 months brings!”

Whitney has been an absolute pleasure to work with!! Hard work pays off and she has definitely put in the work! Even if it wasn’t always easy, she kept her goals in sight and reaped the benefits! We are so, so proud to have you a part of the Flex Fuel team Whitney, thank you for sharing your story!!