What’s One Thing You Won’t Give Up?

It’s the 4th week of our formula to a healthier life! Yes, it’s the end of the challenge but no, there is no end date to becoming the healthiest version of YOU! We want you to approach this as a kick-start to your long-term journey to health and wellness. If you have already start in on your journey before this, look at this as a kick in the pants to push a little harder, be a little better and take it to the next level! 

Most of us can stick to a super strict diet for 30 days, a lot of us can stick to one for even 3 or 6 months. But if your plan doesn’t factor in what’s important to you, then it WILL be a means to an end! Will being uber strict for the short term produce fast results? A lot of the time yes, but the proof is in what happens over the long game. What can you sustain in real life? Are you able to enjoy time with loved ones, be social, enjoy good food and drink AND still reach your goals? If not, it’s time to re-evaluate. Although working in your non-negotiables might make the process a tad bit slower, wouldn’t you rather reach your goals and sustain them rather than achieve them super fast and then lose everything you worked for? 

Let’s take a closer look at the different ways you can incorporate your non-negotiables into your plan:

1. Structured Refeed: This is the most controlled, structured way to approach it. A refeed consists of one or more days where your calories are higher, most often higher in carbs and lower in fats. Not only does it give metabolic and hormonal benefits, it often gives a mental breather and allows for more flexibility to fit in the foods you love! A structrured refeed leaves the smallest room for error when you working on your non-negotiables since it is a controlled amount of macros and calories. The frequency of refeeds and amount of calories is dependent on the person, their goals and current intake. 

2. Free Meal: One meal a week you will choose to not track and have what you please! This is great for someone that feels they need the mental break from tracking and just wants to enjoy a meal with family or friends without worrying about accounting for it. We encourage tracking like normal, keeping protein high, leading up to this meal and then enjoying a meal but still practicing balance! A down side to this approach can be the risk of going over board and going gung-ho! It’s often beneficial to try a refeed first, and if you still feel you need a little more freedom, a free meal is the next best approach.

3. Intuitive Eating: A full day of listening to your body, taking a break from tracking. This leaves the most room for flexibility but also the most room for error. We encourage you use this approach only if you have tried the other two and still need a change. It’s important to go into this method with a healthy mindset and accountability. If you have big aesthetic goals, this is most likely not the best option for you! This is a good option for someone who has comfortablely and accurately tracked for a good amount of time and feels they can put that practice into play away from tracking. 

Having a set of eyes and ears from the outside looking in can help tremendously with evaluating your non-negotiables and making sure you are choosing the right path to fit those in! If you need help figuring out the best route for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 

What is your non-negotiable and do you know how to balance it with reaching your goals?


Katy and Mallory