What Kind of Eggs Should You be Eating?

Farm fresh, pasture- raised eggs!
These are the eggs you want to be eating, versus caged, cage-free or free range. “Pasture-raised” means the chickens had the absolute most room to roam outside, they are happier, healthier & have more fresh food to pick at!

To put it in perspective “cage-free” chickens just don’t live in cages, but still may only have up to 1.5 square ft. Of space each & there is no guarantee that they will ever roam outdoors at all.
“Free-range” chickens get a minimum of 2 square ft. & must have access to outdoors but it doesn’t mean that they ever actually go outside. Outside in this case can also consist of a measly piece of grass, dirt or cement!
Pasture-raised eggs have bright yolks, much more colorful and orange than the other eggs. This is indication of a healthy, happy chicken & they contain less cholesterol & saturated fats, have more omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, A & beta-carotene!

The price point is usually a couple dollars more for these eggs but the health benefits they provide are well worth the cost! Buying local eggs from a farmers market is even more cost effective!