What Does “Normal” Eating Look Like?

You may have wondered, is the way you eat “normal”?
And the truth is, normal eating can look a hundred different ways, but there’s one common theme among normal eaters:
They are closely in tune with their bodies internal cues & needs.
Disclaimer: it is TOTALLY normal to not feel like you are normal. This is to bring awareness so we can all work towards more normal eating!
🔹Normal Eating Mindset🔹you:
▫️Don’t think of food as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’: it’s used for fuel & pleasure but it’s not a point of constant focus.
▪️Don’t overthink food: you make healthy choices & prepare & plan, but no more than needed!
▫️Don’t under think food: You eat mindfully, you’re aware of how you feel, you don’t rush or panic or pick slowly.
▪️You understand how you’re food relates to your health! If they want to improve your health, performance, fitness, you’re aware what needs to be adjusted, again, not looking at it as good or bad, but as what’s needed to improve upon your goals.
▫️Don’t turn to food for emotional comfort. During happy, sad, stressful times, food remains neutral!
🔹Normal Eating Behavior🔹
▪️Eat when you are truly, physically hungry.
▫️Choosing foods that will truly satisfy hunger & physical needs.
▪️Staying connected to your bodies physical cues- before, during & after eating.
▫️Eat with awareness- stay engaged while eating- don’t zone out! Stay aware of how you’re feeling.
▪️Stop eating when satisfied!
To start working towards this way of thinking & habits, keeping a written food journal can bring awareness to your thoughts & habits in your eating. Start w/ documenting when you eat, how you’re feeling before, during & after. Get as detailed as possible. Look at your food journal after a few days & compared to this list & see where you can shift!
This style of eating is a constant work in progress! Every day, try to make small efforts towards normal eating & you will be that much closer!
Reach out to us if you need help deciphering your journal & habits!