Trey D. Age:29

It would work for a month, and then I’d end up back where I started. I was also not seeing any improvements in our gym. My knees would burn just after doing a few air squats and not seeing a ton of improvements was wearing me down. I was putting all this effort into it, but my weight stayed the same with not much change to my body composition. I was tracking my macros for a few months before joining because my wife started the program before me, and I was a little skeptical going into it. Mallory had me on almost twice the carbs that I was eating per day and less protein. It didn’t seem right, but I kept an open mind. She was able to dial everything in where I couldn’t. Since May, I’ve lost 4% body fat and 15 pounds since I started. I went from no ring muscle-ups to 2 unbroken 4 times in a WOD.”