Tracking While on the Go!

At the gym this morning, we took the WOD outside to try and soak up as much of it as we could. Shirts were stripped off, sunglasses were taken out of the compartment where they’ve rested the last 7months and everyone had a genuine smile, intoxicated by vitamin D. It felt like a summer day and that’s what prompted me to write this post! 

Summer is upon us and that means week long vacations or weekend getaways for some rest and relaxation. Spontaneous road trips with friends for some adventure and laughter. These moments are rare for many of us with our full time jobs and family obligations so when they do happen, we would never want your stress about your diet or tracking to take away from the experience! When you’ve made huge strides in improving your nutrition and your progress is rolling, its hard to head into a vacation without the worry of how to enjoy your time without flushing away the hard work you’ve put in. I’m going to share some tips below that you may find useful if you are trying to track and stick to your plan while vacationing. Preparation is key; if you head in to it prepared, you’ll enjoy your vacation guilt free knowing you’re sticking to your plan and progressing while playing.

  1. Prep and pack: My first advice would be to think of snacks and foods for meals that you can prep ahead of time and take. By prepping snacks or meals and entering them ahead of time for your vacation, you’ll get a better idea of what foods you need to eat while gone to hit the remaining macros. Protein is usually the hardest for people to hit on the road so by planning some lean proteins, you’re giving yourself a better chance of hitting those. If you can’t weigh everything while you’re on the road, grab foods that are already prepared but have a barcode scanner you can scan into my fitness pal. Turkey Jerky, nuts, quest protein bars, and rice cakes with some prepackaged peanut butter or weighed out PB2 are easy go to’s for me that are quick and packable. 
  2. Do your research. Search for restaurants where you’ll be staying or know you’ll be eating out at. Many restaurants list their nutrition info online. You can browse through their menu and get an idea of some options that look good to you and plug in the macros they have listed.
  3. Leave a macro cushion: By savings a carb and fat cushion for your meal out, it can reduce error in estimating macros for a meal you didn’t prepare. When I went to Cali, I knew we would be eating out at dinners so I ate egg whites and veggies scrambled for breakfast, prepared salads with a lean protein for lunch and gave myself enough wiggle room to enjoy dinner out without stressing over it. Restaurants are very accommodating so if you order a grilled chicken breast with steamed veggies, make sure to request no butter or oil and they’re happy to help. Fats are easy to go over on and are over twice the calories per gram so try avoiding foods cooked in fats that you can’t measure yourself.
  4. Plan on drinking? If you know you’re going to be going out to dinner and having a couple drinks, plug those in to your food log that morning so you know those carbs or fats are accounted for. 
  5. Dont stress: A year down the road, when you look back on your vacation or that special time spent with loved ones, you’re not going to remember that extra tablespoon of butter you may have ate or beat yourself up about not quite hitting your protein goal one day. You’re going to remember the times you laughed and the fun experiences you got to enjoy. Those memories made last a life time and are so important for our soul. 

Make smart choices with your foods and follow the tips above and you’re going to do just fine! When you get back to the grind, jump right back into it and give it your all and you’ll pick up where you left off. Hope you all get to do at least one awesome thing this summer that awakens your soul. I know I’ll be filling any opportunity I get with random adventures all while living that Flex Fuel life!  

With Love,