Tina- Almost 30 Pounds Down!

Name: Tina Thompson

Age: 34

Occupation? Speech Language Pathologist

What do you do to stay active?

I’m always moving , cooking, cleaning , and or chasing my 3 kiddos ect

I also do a mix of CrossFit and Barre workouts varies between 4 – 5 days  each week

What led you to Flex Fuel?

I wanted results -also some of my friends were using them and they saw results . I wanted results and it was working for them I also tried so many things I wanted to do soemthing that worked – I was willing to do the work and am willing but I had no idea what to do myself

What were you doing for nutrition before working w/ Flex Fuel?

RP and I can’t remember

What were you struggling with?

Losing baby weight

I was 180 after my 3rd babe

( I had 3 babies in 4 years)

How did you feel?

I felt fine but I wanted to get to my pre baby weight I want to feel good in my skin wear whatever I want and feel comfortable

Where are you now?

I am 9 lbs away from my pre baby weight and wearing a size 6 – I was wearing a size 10 when I started with Katy a year ago

What have you learned since working with Katy?

I’ve learned what macros are , how counting macros looks like

I’ve learned how EVERYTHING has fat in it

I’ve learned to listen to my body

Smarter options for traveling and on the go

Different food choices

How has your confidence and knowledge changed/increased in your nutrition?

I find a healthy balance when I want something I have an idea of how much

Or when I go out what dressings, sides, portions should look like

How to measure my heavy whipping cream in my coffee and how I don’t need to use a full carton of heavy whipping cream in 1 week

I’ve also learned that I can have days that aren’t perfect but being consistent is what matters most

What have your results/biggest success been since working with Katy?

I’ve lost close to 30 lbs since last March

Getting super close to my pre baby size

How you feel about your current situation?

I feel wonderful

What are your future goals?

Goal to get to 150

Feeling good healthy low BMI

What’s the biggest difference betvween you before and you now?

Being happier with my body and being healthy

Being able to wear mostly anything I want in my closet and knowing it will fit me

Being able to do harder workouts and it not killing me

Being able to workout cook clean and take care of my kids and work and have the energy

Being mentally in control of my choices which I am

What have been your biggest challenges that you faced and have since conquered in this process?

Consistency is key and with alll the craziness in the world I knew I had a grip on my nutrition and wasn’t going to let COVID get in the way

I was addicted to Pirate Booty🤣 it was hard but I just stopped buying it and when I stopped eating it I started seeing more results

What are the practices, rituals, and tools that you will implement to make sure that what you’ve learned sticks

with you?


I am smarter with my food how much I should have how to balance it

What do you need to do to stay grounded to make sure that

this new knowledge and change sticks?

Not much I’m a pretty disciplined person I don’t want to lose my results and I won’t

What are your current needs to get where you want to go next?

Continued coaching , continuing to work on myself

I would like to learn macros when making a large dish vs individual things

Do you need continued coaching?

Yes I will be continuing

What support and resources do you need/or have you found helpful during this process?

My husband is a huge supporter

My fitness pal is huge

Good friends

I love the shopping trip meal ideas and meal ideas or new things to try

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about hiring Flex Fuel Nutrition? 

It’s 100% worth it if you are ready to commit if not you will be wasting your time resources and money