The Power of A Morning Routine

It’s all in the details!
That’s what makes a day feel awesome…. or not so awesome.
Ever have a morning where you felt rushed, flustered, overwhelmed, stressed & like nothing is quite going right?
How did it make the rest of your day go?
What about the mornings where things just seem to fall into place? You start out your day feeling rested, focused, organized & confident the day is going to go just how you want it to!
What if we didn’t just leave this to chance each day, what if we took control of our day, every day & decided to mold it & create it how we desire. Because let’s face it, we ARE in control of our days & what does every day begin with?
… that’s right… A Morning!☀️
Take control of your morning:
☀️Identify what could potentially throw your morning & create alternate plan if those things do, in fact throw you!
☀️Set the tone: do you like music, the news, silence, to be outside, coffee, tea, what would start your day off right?
☀️Grab & blank sheet of paper each morning & 5 minutes, write down:
-That days non-negotiable priorities
-3 Things you’re grateful for
-Your theme mood for the day (do you want to be productive, zen, focused, relaxed, etc)
-Your Nutrition goal, your movement goal.
☀️Find a time frame & what makes your mind most clear & prepared to tackle your day. Make it a non-negotiable routine & you’re bound to feel much more In control!
Don’t let your mornings control you! Take over, take change, own your morning & own your day!
What’s your favorite way to start your day?