The new school year is fast approaching..


We work with a ton of parents and teachers who are gearing up to start school again soon. 

This usually means a busier schedule for parents between sports practice and games, school functions & social events which means planning and prep to stick with good nutrition is even more crucial. 

With the school year fast approaching, we created our back to school checklist just for you! Even if you don’t have children or aren’t going back to school yourself, this list can be super helpful for a post summer reset! 

1- Time to clean your cupboards. Throughout the summer, summer snacks usually have a way of sneaking their way into your house ready to throw off our good intentions. Time to toss them. Our environment sets us up MUCH stronger than our willpower so get rid of anything that isn’t serving your goals or your health. 

2- Stock up on new storage containers and a fun water bottle. If you don’t have easily accessible storage containers to pack your lunch or store leftovers, you won’t. Costco has a really great deal on a glass storage container set so make sure to grab it. Home goods is another great option to find them if you don’t have a Costco card. Drinking enough daily water is one of the easiest yet most disregarded habits there is. Find a cute water bottle of a larger OZ size so it’s easy to keep track of where you’re at ( I personally like my bottle to be anywhere from 30-40 oz). 

3- Start writing out your weekday game plan for meals. Buy a monthly calendar and start jotting down dinner ideas (taco Tuesday, chicken burgers on Thursdays). Knowing what you are having each night for the week ahead helps you get a head start on groceries and saves you from scrambling on what to make once dinner time rolls around. 

4- Along with your planned out meals, schedule in 2 times throughout your week to grocery shop. Look at this as any other scheduled appointment and make it priority. If you don’t have healthy options at home, you’re going to end up eating junk from the break room. 

5- Now that you’ve mapped out your weekly meals and when you’re going to grocery shop, map out any other events that may throw you off a normal routine or schedule. Its important to plan for those things ahead of time so you’re prepared. For example, if you know Wednesday is going to be a long day because you go straight from work to picking up your child and taking them to football practice for 2 hours, then you’re going to want to make sure that you have some stellar snacks packed. You’re also most likely going to want to have an easy dinner in the crockpot or instapot so it’s ready when you roll into the house.

6- Set some clear goals! Your kids are heading into their school year with set goals for the year, this is a great time to set some for yourself! If you have clear goals set already, what’s your plan of action? It helps if you can first, remember your ‘why’ and then second, write down 2-3 weekly actions steps to move you towards your goals. Ask yourself, “Why are you setting the goals you are?” Visualize how it will make you feel hitting those goals and think about how it will improve your life if you do. 

Setting goals is no problem, we all have done it multiple times. Making those goals actually happen is a different story. If we take it one step further and come up with specific actions to help us reach those goals along with actually visualizing what it would feel like to achieve them, we are way more amped to be successful! Just like you are helping your kids start the school year off on the right foot, you should be doing the same personal prep for your health. 

We don’t know about you but we have a feeling that this school year is going to be some great achievements for YOU! If you’re looking for someone to help guide you in the right direction with your nutrition and need the accountability, we have a few coaching spots still open. Lets set up a free consult and chat about some of the goals you want to set out for yourself this year!




With love,