The importance of Biofeedback and Looking Past the Number on the Scale



Clothes Fit Better: Clothes fitting better and looser are a great indicator that your body composition is changing. Even if the scale hasn’t changed much, this is a huge marker of progress!

Energy: Has your energy increased? Awesome! This shows we are moving in the right direction and  your body is responding well. Has it decreased? This is where your coach can use this data to look at why this is happening and make necessary changes.

Self-Confidence: If you feel good on the inside and your physical body is responding well to changes in your nutrition, naturally your mindset will evolve and confidence will go up! If you are feeling more comfortable in your own skin, this is a HUGE win! Don’t overlook these mental/emotional wins!

Body Measurements: Taking measurements periodically is a great way to show progress in body composition. Again, you may not always see a change on the scale but if your measurements are changing, you are absolutely headed down the right road.

Sleep: Quality, consistent sleep is crucial for progress. Are you sleeping well? Are there certain days you don’t? Has sleep improved or gotten worse overall? This is directly related to progress and looking at these patterns, your body can tell you a lot! 

Sex Drive: Has this increased or decreased? Often times sex drive can be overlooked but this is directly related to your hormones and changes can show whether or not adjustments need to be made to your nutritional protocol. 

Cravings: Creating balance in your nutrition will naturally help cravings subside. If cravings have slowed or even disappeared that is a great indicator you are moving in the right direction. If cravings increase this can show a hole in your plan and adjustments may be needed.

Performance: Adjusting your food intake and quality, performance can often be the first thing we see improve. Getting faster, stronger or even just geting through a workout a little easier is 100% progress! If the opposite is happening and you are feeling sluggish and performance is lacking, adjustments should most likely be made.

It can be so easy to overlook each one of these points or look at them in a different light if we are looking ourselves. Often times we can let emotion, stress or frustration affect how we see our own progress. Having a coach assess progress week to week, looking at all biofeedback can allow for a clear point of view and make changes necessary.

Remember, before letting the scale have all the power, go over each of these points and then ask again if you are progressing! 

What is your WIN for the day?