Tanon H. Age:42

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Progress so far: down 30 lbs and several inches but the magic is in what she’s gained; an unbreakable confidence in herself and her relationship with food. She has been able to change her focus from the scale to fueling her body properly and keeping her end goal in mind. By focusing on her health and mindset, her weight loss followed. I got this email from her yesteray and it made me so unbelievably happy to read that getting under that 170 mark wasn’t her main source of joy, its the fact her relationship with food has postively changed and these changes are sustainable. 


“Yesterday I finally made it below 170 and thankfully I had almost no reaction other than to note that I had no reaction. It’s kind of a funny thing. Years ago I had a conversation with a friend about weight loss and I said my dream goal would be 175.  I’d be perfectly happy with that.  She tried to encourage me to believe that I could do better but I was unwilling to commit to the amount of work it would take and the extreme dieting it would take to get me there.  At the time I was just cutting calories and I was starving.  I was really perfectly happy to settle for 185.  That has always been my happy weight.  There has only been one other time that I got under 170, it took extreme effort and extreme eating and it was ultimately unsustainable.  I think that is why I have always sabotaged myself once I get to that 185 mark.  Fear of success and fear of failing.  This process has felt almost effortless, it feels so sustainable and so doable.  I can’t even begin to describe how freeing it is to not care or worry about the number on the scale.  Thank you so much.”


Nice work Tanon!