Our Top 5 Tips to Crushing the Holiday Season!

Tip #1: MAP IT OUT

  Basically the entire month of December, or really, starting at Thanksgiving to the New Year, is jam-packed with parties and social events everywhere you turn. On top of normal life to-do’s, there’s holiday gatherings everywhere you turn. The more organized we are, the more prepared we are, the more prepared we are, the more successful we are!

If we can pinpoint exactly what occasions we have coming up and can see the clear picture ahead, we can pick and choose which days we will want to indulge a little more and which ones we can stay more on track. If there are parties where we are bringing a dish, we can plan to make something a little more calorie-friendly that we can munch on and if we aren’t we can make sure to plan our day accordingly, knowing that day may be a little off our normal routine.  Maybe your office has all the holiday goodies all month long at work, choose ONE day to enjoy and then leave the rest behind. No one needs 25 days of cookies at lunch! But, maybe your sister is having a killer Christmas party that you know you will want to sit back, relax and not stress over what your calorie intake looks like! Pick what’s most important to you and what’s most worth indulging in, and build your month from there.


 It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the whirlwind of the holidays and just use the good ‘ol, “i’ll start fresh at the new year” excuse. Don’t let this be you! Stop the madness! Let’s do some math. Even if you started counting from today (December 6th when this will be released), that gives you 25, 24 hour days where you have a choice to either “wait until the New Year” or make that day a win. So, even if spread throughout the month you had 7 full days of holiday parties where you indulged, that still gives you 18 days where you have the opportunity to choose good, whole, nutritious foods and move your body! Let’s dig even deeper into the numbers. If you ate a 2k calorie diet daily for 18 of those days that would be a total of 36,000 calories. If 7 of those days were even 4k+ calories, those 7 days combined would be 28,000 give or take some. That would be a total of 64,00 calories in the month.  So think, if you decided to splurge ALL of those other days of December, you would be in a MUCH worse place! So stop making the excuses, stop waiting until the New Year and think the entire month is a wash, it’s not! NOW is the time! Even if there are some off days in between!


This is something we tell all of our clients and truly it’s not just veggies, but whole foods in general. If you are going to a party where there’s lots of temptations, load up on protein and veggies before you go. These are always hardest to come by in most scenarios, so making sure to get those in at the start of the day will ensure you are getting some nutrient-dense foods in. Never go into a party hunger, this will lead to over-indulging very easily! Use the same rule at the party, if there are options of veggies and protein, go for those first, it can help keep from going buck wild on the cookie platter from the get go! Lastly, this applies to all days surrounding your holiday events. Focus on whole, nutrient-dense foods to balance out those days where you will be indulging a little more! 


The holidays are a time to celebrate! Celebrate another year, celebrate time with family, celebrate whatever it is YOU celebrate this time of year! This often means alcohol. cocktails, wine, beer galore! Of course alcohol isn’t full of goodness for the body but it’s a big part of socialization and so there are some ways we can lessen the blow of those boozy nights! First, drink lots of water! Do your best to hit at least half of your bodyweight in ounces each day and even more if possible on the day before, of and after you will be drinking. This will help your body rid of toxins faster as well as keep you hydrated and ward off any negative side affects of alcohol. Secondly, beware of sugar! Alcohol in and of itself is loaded with calories, so adding in sugary mixers will only double or triple that number. Not to mention all of the other side affects sugar can have on our bodies! Mixing sugar with alcohol is like a double-edged sword and it will give us a huge blood sugar spike along with the affects of alcohol. We all know what goes up, must come down, so after that spike will come the crash! A recipe for a lot of calories, low energy and potentially a worsened hangover the next day! Thirdly, a good rule is to choose how many drinks you will have and stick to it. Alternate water/ drink/ water/ drink if need to be! Too much to drink can lead to more snacking as well, so be aware what those triggers are for you and do your best to go in with a plan so you aren’t tempted! 

If you haven’t already, check out our Youtube video for some macro-friendly cocktail options!


In all honesty, i stole this rule from a friend and fellow nutrition coach, but it’s just too good not to share! Looking at all of the goodies, we can easily want to have one of each thing and just go crazy! But, instead of reaching for foods just because they are there and they look good ask yourself if it’s a ‘hell yes!” Is it truly something you really want? Or is it something you can live without? Weigh your options, is it some store bought, mediocre cookie or is it great Aunt Sue’s famous homemade pie that only comes around once a year? Before you reach for a food, ask yourself if it’s TRULY something you want or if you are just reaching for it because it’s staring at you.


Hopefully these tips help you go into this holiday season feeling confident that you can enjoy it, keep a happy belly and a happy balance throughout! We know navigating through this time of year can be challenging, so we are always here to help! If you have any specific questions or concerns please never hesitate to reach out! 

Happy holidays!

Katy & Mallory


Say “NO” to strict meal plans

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How to track your favorite summer beverage

Its really that simple! You can create a listing in my fitness pal for your favorite drinks so you have it handy anytime you want to log. Below, we created some cheat sheets for you with some of the most common drinks. Feel free to book mark this page or save these charts in your pictures for easy access later! Of course, keeping alcohol out of our diet is the best way to support health but life is about finding the balance that works for you. We hope you find these helpful!

wine macros

liquor macros

beer macros



How to handle your holiday parties

 I grew up with a mother( hey mom!) who LOVES to bake. She spends an entire day morning till night baking her favorite cookie and treat recipes, then delivering plates of the delicious varieties to relatives. This has long engrained in me that Christmas and baking go together. Baking this time of year brings the same joy to me as listening to Christmas songs and decorating the tree, I can’t have one without the other, they’re the 3 amigos of Christmas essentially. This also means there is a ton of temptation. Not even just in my household, but wherever you go this time of year. You just walk into a grocery store during the holidays and magically the baking isle has moved from an easily avoidable middle isle to front and center and suddenly you’re staring wide eyed at the goodies. The good news? You can get through the holidays while staying on top of your health and goals. January 1st doesn’t have to mean doing a ton of damage control. Below are some great tips you can start implementing immediately to handle holiday temptation at holiday parties and avoid the holiday bulk. Make this year the year, ring in 2018 a step ahead of the game!#1: Fill your plate first and go sit down. You are much more likely to overeat if you stand and graze at the snack table. While you’re looking over the thanksgiving spread, remember:

#2: Hit your protein first. Protein is usually the macro we come up short on, especially when eating outside of our home or at holiday parties. Fill your plate with the amount of turkey or ham you need to meet the remaining protein for the day. It’ll keep you fuller longer which will help minimize extra trips to the dessert table. Didn’t pack your scale? That’s okay. Guesstimate as close as possible, I’ll add a chart at the bottom of this post for you to reference for portion sizes using your hand, palm and fingertips when you are trying to guesstimate.

#3 Fill the rest your plate with vegetables. Vegetables are a great volume food full of nutrients that will fill you up without completely pushing you over on carbs and fats.

#4 Try to steer clear of foods heavy in fats. Gravy, butter, stuffing, eggnog and cheesy casserole’s all contain higher fats and fats are very easy to go over on. By avoiding these items, you are giving yourself a better chance at staying as close as possible to your daily macros while guesstimating your meal. Want to indulge a little? That leads me to the next tip:

#5 Moderation. This is huge in flexible dieting success! We know that perfection or hard “no’s” make it harder to stay successful long term. If you want to indulge a little, thats okay! Keep portions moderate and save a cushion of macros. If I know I’ll be guesstimating most of my meal or indulging in some desserts, I’ll save a cushion of my carbs and fats for just that.

#6 Enjoy the time with your family and stop stressing about being exact on your macros! 

Holidays are all about spending time with our loved ones! Don’t let the stress of tracking overshadow a good time. Head in to your holiday’s with these tips in mind and you will succeed. You have the power to continue to work towards your goals during the holidays and put into practice your healthy lifestyle changes. 

Wishing you a fun and happy holiday season,




Tips to help you set a bedtime routine

By creating a bed time routine, you can give yourself a better opportunity to fall asleep and have better quality sleep. Here are some helpful tips you can start practicing each night to form a solid bedtime routine:

  1. Pick a time to go to bed and stick with it. You can train your body clock and create the habit by going to bed the same time every night. Think about when your children are babies and toddlers, how important it is to establish a routine for them and how cranky they get when they’re up past their bedtime. Sleep is important for them, the same goes for you. 
  2. Put on comfy clothes as soon as you get home for the day. Change out of your work clothes, put on your favorite sweats and let yourself unwind from the days daily grind. 
  3. Do you feel like you have a lot of thoughts racing through your mind about everything you need to accomplish the next day? Write it down! Make a list of to do’s and get those stressful thoughts on paper, you’ll immediately feel better and the next morning you’ll have a solid plan of the things you need to take care of. 
  4. Put your phone or any other electronics away at least 30 minutes before bedtime. The bright screen and the endless scrolling through your newsfeed keeps your brain and thoughts running on high speed. 
  5. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, turn it on silent! Your alarm will still go off but all the other notifications that chime throughout the night will not disturb your sleep. 
  6. Block out any additional light. I’m such a light sleeper that I go as far as putting a sticker over the little light from the smoke detector, I want it pitch black when I go to bed. Black out curtains are also amazing, they’re especially useful in the summer time when its light out later and the sun rises before 6. 
  7. Do not watch tv in bed. Actually, don’t even have a tv in your room. Your bedroom has other purposes, leave the tv in the living room. 
  8. Before you hop into bed each night, set out your clothes for the next day. My mornings are usually pretty hectic and by setting out my clothes, I’m giving myself a few more minutes to enjoy my morning coffee. 
  9. If you write in a gratitude journal, nows the time to write down the things you are most thankful for that day. Acknowledging the things we are grateful for and the positive things we are blessed with everyday, you are setting the tone for for a happier life! Life is about perspective so put more focus on the good rather than the bad. 
  10. Make your bedroom temperature a comfortable one. If its too hot, you’re going to toss and turn. In the winter Im always tempted to turn the heat on full blast because I hate getting in to bed cold but I end up waking up in the middle of the night overly warm and uncomfortable. Your bed may be cold when you first get in but it’ll warm up from body heat, leave your room temperature alone. 
  11. Set a tall glass of water by your bed. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do is drink it. Its an easy habit to form, is a gentle way to wake your body up and get your daily dose of water started. 


I hope that you find these tips helpful! If you think of any tips that I left out that you personally find very useful, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments below! Its the start of a new year so lets set a strong foundation by getting in some solid sleep.


Happy New Year!