Olivia’s journey!

We love seeing clients crush their goals and change their mindset around food. It is one of our top priorities to teach any one who works with us, how to feel their absolute best while also enjoying life! Nutrition and fitness is a very vulnerable and personal space so we love reading these testimonials and being able to share them with you, thanks Olivia!!

How long you’ve been tracking with Flex Fuel: Less than a year. My very first pictures were taken on July 9th! 

Goal during the program: Last summer, I went on a hike up Mt. Ellinor. It was a tough hike; but even worse than that was when I got home, there was not a single picture I enjoyed looking at of myself. I was ashamed with my body. That very next day I called Flex Fuel with one goal: lean out. At that point I had been doing CrossFit for quite some time, and had gone through my “competitive phase;” so I was less worried about how it affected my performance in the gym and more focused on gaining my confidence back. 

So far, what has been your experience in working with Flex Fuel Nutrition? Flex Fuel has without a doubt changed my life. My coach, Mallory, taught me more than just what macro numbers to hit. She taught me to take time for myself, prioritize, and not sweat the small stuff. She taught me to celebrate the small victories, step outside my comfort zone, and that it’s okay to not be okay. She taught me to focus on loving my whole self not for what I look like but for what my body is capable of; and it’s capable of a lot of amazing things. Yes, the numbers on the scale have gone down and the measurements around my waist are smaller, but the growth Flex Fuel has given me is worth so much more than that.

I love to cook – anyone who knows me, knows that – and with this program I’ve gotten to continue to be creative with food, in a way that is smart and calculated. I also love to go out and explore the town with my boyfriend, and now I can do it with a well equipped arsenal of how to approach the day. My energy levels are higher, my performance in the gym has never waivers (hello PR’s during cuts!), and I am in the best shape I have ever been in.

I can’t say enough positive things about this company, and hope that my story encourages someone to take the next step. Food freedom is a thing, and I’m so glad Flex Fuel has given that to me!


We are currently reversing Olivia to get her intake back up to maintenance calories and give her body a break from her cut. Be on the look out for her updated progress along the way!


Meet Kate: 6 Mo. Postpartum to 35+ lbs down!



Name:  Kate


Age: 31




What led you to flexible eating/Flex Fuel?:


My friends/coworkers and I signed up together! At 6 months postpartum, I wasn’t happy with my weight or my performance, and I knew I needed to do something. I wanted the accountability, but also wanted flexibility to eat the things I wanted in a healthy way.




What do you do to stay active?:


I do CrossFit and chase my toddler around




What has been your biggest challenge through this process so far and how did you overcome it?:


Balance. Balancing being a mom to a preteen and baby/toddler, a wife, working full time, having a social life, while being active and eating right. Planning has been my biggest tool – both meal planning and scheduling my time to prep and workout. I like to simplify meal planning, I pick two lunches and two dinners to cook each week and prep over the weekend. It helps save my evenings for my family, and creates balance.




What has been your biggest success through this process so far?:


The scale, lets be real! Since signing up, I have lost approximately 35 lbs. I’m also wearing the smallest size I have in my adult life.




Why do you like most about the flexible eating process?:


I rarely feel hungry, and I can eat what I want (within reason). I like that there are guidelines and something to measure against, but I have the control over what I actually consume.




What is your favorite treat to fit into your macros?:


I’m a sucker for dark chocolate, or Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups!




What’s your favorite macro hack?:


I like to tweak my snacks to hit my macros (ie peanut butter, yogurt, nuts, etc). I’m not too exciting I guess!




What do you like most about having a nutrition coach?:


The accountability for sure. Having someone that gets to know you and your quirks, while providing support and knowledge.




Would you recommend others to Flex Fuel and why?:


Yes. It’s super convenient. As long as you’re ready to commit to the process, it can be great!




We are so proud of all of your hard work Kate! Thank you for trusting the process, working hard and staying consistent!


Mama Kaylene is BACK!


Kaylene has been with Flex Fuel Nutriton from the start. She orginially signed up to lean down for her wedding day and since then has celebrated a couple of anniversary’s, a pregnancy and the birth of their son, Bo. Her journey is such a good example of the phases we all go through in life and how your nutriton should change with them. We sat down with her right before the birth of Bo and will link that blog below in case you missed it. Now, one year later, we are sitting down with her again to chat all things baby, fitness and life! 

1) We’ve got to watch you get married, celebrate your pregnancy and have your son Bo who just had his first birthday. Through each of those different life stages, your goals have changed. What would you say you’re currently aiming for?

Right now I think my main focus is trying to get back to planning my meals and hitting my macro goals more consistently. Days are crazy with a one year old and sometimes I let the planning and prepping slide which just makes things more crazy! I’m also working on getting back my strength that I had pre-pregnancy. I have all my skills back and for the most part movements all feel normal. Now I just need to get buff again.

2)      How has your nutrition changed from pregnancy until now? 

Honestly it has mostly stayed the same. I continued to track through pregnancy, and while I wasn’t perfect, it definitely helped me stay away from the “eating for two” mindset. Bo is very allergic to milk, eggs, and peanuts, so up until a week ago I haven’t been able to eat any of that. In a way it helped me to eat more healthy foods. It is so nice now for the first time in about a year and a half I can eat whatever I want with no limitations! But overall my nutrition throughout has focused on hitting my macros and getting in that fiber! 

3)      What has been your biggest struggle post pregnancy? Your biggest victory? 

Right after Bo was born the hardest part was making sure I was eating throughout the day! I think I started tracking macros about two weeks after he was born because I realized I was not eating nearly enough. Besides that the biggest struggle has been being patient. I really expected my body to bounce back quickly and that was not the case at all. It has been a slow process, but I’m happy with where I am at now. I think my biggest victory is getting to have so many PRs at the gym, because everything post baby is a post pregnancy PR! Getting up on the rings again a couple of months and getting my ring muscle up on my first try was probably the most exciting victory. Knowing I hadn’t lost it after not doing any in so long was pretty fun.

4)      In our last testimonial, we chatted all things pregnancy (if you missed the first post, we’ll link it below). You were able to give tips you found helpful to other expecting mothers. Now that you’re one year post pregnancy, what is some advice that would be helpful to mothers who are just starting their fitness/nutrition journey post baby? 

Take it slow. Especially with the fitness part. I HIGHLY recommend going to see a pelvic floor physical therapist. My midwife was not going to give me a referral at first so I was going to pay out of pocket and go anyway. I finally wrote her a list of all the reasons I felt it was important to go and she wrote me a referral. It was probably the best decision I made post baby. Listen to how your body feels (but more importantly listen to your pelvic floor PT) and don’t push the heavy weights. Those will come back with time!

5)      If you could go back in time to right after having Bo and tell yourself one thing that you know now, what would it be? 

That a year goes by so quickly! Consistency is key, especially with nutrition, and even when it felt like I wasn’t making any progress I really was (it was just slow!)

6)      2018 is closing. Any big goals? 

Strength, strength, strength! My lifts are all still not what they were, but I know I will get there! I probably won’t hit those goals before the year is up, but that is okay. I think other than that just getting more consistent with planning my days the night before or the morning of, and doing some more prep on Sundays. I know I am more successful with hitting my macros when I do these things, but time gets away from me and it doesn’t always happen.

Kaylene’s story is one we can all relate to. Plans in life change, exciting things come up but that doesn’t mean your nutriton has to take a back seat. If you are interested in learning more about what plan is right for you, hit the ‘Apply for coaching’ cutton at the top of this page and shoot us an email. We are happy to jump on a call with you and chat about what you’re currently at! 


Thank you Kaylene for sharing your story! 

Read Kaylene’s post baby interview HERE.




Jason- Age 35

Name: Jason Kugel

Age: 35


When did you start Flex Fuel?

February 4, 2018


What was your goal upon signing up?

My goal when signing up for Flex Fuel was to lose some weight, get more out of my workouts, and support my wife who was also starting Flex Fuel at the same time.


Do you feel like you have reached that goal?

And then some.


What has been your experience thus far?

I had calorie counted with some success in the past and figured Flex Fuel would be the same. When I had calorie counted though I had frequently been hungry and eventually stopped and put the weight back on. The big difference with Flex Fuel so far is that I have discovered that I actually needed to eat more. I just needed to eat the right things.

With Flex Fuel I have learned to eat better without feeling like anything is off limits. Over the last 9 months I have lost 20+ pounds and the few times I have gone off plan I have realized that I feel better when conforming to the program. It is this aspect that makes Flex Fuel not only effective but also sustainable.



What has been your biggest challenge with nutrition and how has Flex Fuel helped you overcome that?

I have a few nutrition challenges. I have a big sweet tooth, I am lazy when it comes to food, and I frequently turn to food when I get stressed. Flex Fuel has helped me through these challenges in a number of ways. First, nothing is off limits with Flex Fuel. I am able to eat ice cream, candy, cookies, etc… I just have to plan them out and work them into my numbers.  As far as the laziness aspect, practice makes perfect and the longer you work at something the easier it gets. I rarely think about the effort of cooking meals now because it is just what I do. Finally, Flex Fuel enables me to deal with wanting to stress eat by having a clear plan that focuses my thoughts on better food options and makes it easier to stay on track.


Do you feel you have been able to incorporate this style of nutrition into your lifestyle and how?

The program definitely becomes ingrained after a while. There are times when I go on vacation or am otherwise unable to control my food options as much as at home and I find that I still choose better options that more closely match with my plan. I have been able to go over a week without tracking numbers with no negative effects on my progress.


I would recommend Flex Fuel to anyone because I think that this method of eating is so beneficial for weight loss and properly fueling the body. I am a physical therapist and constantly see the negative health impacts of obesity and poor dietary choices. This is more than a weight loss program; it is a pathway to better health and less functional limitations.

Thank you Jason, for trusting the process, working hard and dedicating yourself for the long haul! Seeing this process through in the right way has allowed him to not only see amazing results but do it in the healthiest and most sustainable way possible!



Kelly found out first hand what it meant to have food freedom!

Its hard to commit to a plan when you don’t understand the ‘whys’ behind the process so it is our mission at Flex Fuel Nutriton to educate our members as much as possible of the ‘why’. We build healthy habits that ultimately start to shift old mindsets about dieting and show you that you can reach your goals while having food freedom.

Kelly has worked her butt off the last 8 months to get to where she is today, she’s down 35 lbs and we wanted to share her amazing journey thus far! See what she has to say, below:

How long you’ve been tracking with Flex Fuel?

I started tracking with Flex Fuel in February 2018.  I took my first photos at the end of January 2018. I had already lost a little weight since Christmas, but it wasn’t working for me.  I was hungry and miserable.


What was your initial goal signing up with Flex Fuel Nutrition?

I think my goals have changed while being in this program.   One of my goals was to feel more self-confident, increase strength, and lets be honest I really wanted to lose fat.  I remember telling myself I don’t care if my weight stays the exact same I want the fat gone. I was tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the extra fat weight.  


How has your experience with our program been so far?

I have always been skeptical about nutrition programs thinking I would starve because whenever I have tried to loose weight on my own I am always hungry or I can never enjoy a treat without feeling guilty!!! Flex Fuel is completely different.  I feel fueled to make it through the day and not hungry. Macros have completely changed the way I look at food. I don’t look at food as the enemy but what fuels my body to get the best performance. Plus I still get to enjoy a treat and don’t feel guilty.  Flex Fuel has taught be to focus on healthy foods and balance between Carbs, Proteins, and Fats.


What has been your biggest triumph while doing this program?

I think the biggest triumph for me during this program has been my gain in self-confidence.  I used to have a very negative outlook on myself. I was embarrassed of myself, I was embarrassed to go home and see family, or post pictures on social media due to being afraid of what other people would say.  When I wake up in the morning now and see myself in the mirror I am proud of who I see and know that I have worked hard to be where I am and the strength I have gained on the outside and within.


Kelly we are so excited to be on this journey with you!! Thank you for putting your faith in our program and giving this journey full dedication!


 Kelly will be reverse dieting soon to get her intake closer to maintenance calories and out of the deficit she’s in right now. Nutritional periodization is SO important. If you are working with a coach who has you in a never ending cut, we’re happy to chat with you and explain the different seasons of dieting. 




Berenice- Eating 700 Calories MORE a day!

















Name:  Berenice Martinez 


Age: 33


What led you to flexible eating/Flex Fuel?:



                       I was trying to improve my body composition.  I was working out and dieting and not seeing results.  




What do you do to stay active?:



                       I workout 3 times per week and on the weekends my hobbies include kayaking, hiking, snowboarding during the winter.




What has been your biggest challenge through this process so far and how did you overcome it?



                      My biggest challenge was letting go of the fear of eating so much food.  When I started the reverse process and my macros were being increased, I was shocked by the amount of calories I was eating and I was so fearful of eating so much food.  Then I started noticing how much more energy I had and how I had better performance on my workouts.  




What has been your biggest success through this process so far?



                      My biggest success I would say was learning all the things I can eat.  I was always under the impression that I had to cut certain foods out of my diet if I was going to be successful and going through this process     has totally changed my mindset on that!  And of course the change in my body composition.  





Why do you like most about the flexible eating process?



                      I can eat what I want as long as it fits in my macros.  I actually eat more things now that I avoided before because I thought they were not healthy.  For example, I eat way more nuts now.




What is your favorite treat to fit into your macros?



                      Fruit, nuts, granola.




What’s your favorite macro hack? 



                      I don’t eat a lot of meat so I supplement with protein powder a lot.  My protein powder is plant based and I can get different yummy flavors.




What do you like most about having a nutrition coach?



                        The accountability.  The fact that I have to check in weekly helps keep myself accountable.  Also, when I have questions or concerns, she there to explain everything and give me peace of mind.




Would you recommend others to Flex Fuel and why?



                          Absolutely!  I have had great results and still working on more!  I have the energy to get through the day and workout and enjoy my hobbies.  I have learned so much about food. 



Mark S. Age:34 Time with Flex Fuel: 3 months

What were you doing in terms of nutrition prior to signing up?

I had never done anything formal with my nutrition. I had felt like I was eating clean or eating well, but until actually tracking closely and measuring I wasn’t aware of just how far away I was from where my estimates were.

What goal did you hope to reach when signing up with Flex Fuel?Do you feel like this program has helped you reach that?

I just wanted to do this as a fun experiment. I wanted to lean out and change my body composition. The program has absolutely helped me do that. 

What has been your experience so far following the program? 

The program has been great and for me very easy to follow. The flexibility to plug in things that you eat and enjoy while hitting your numbers has been great. It empowers you to learn about your own nutrition and what you are using to fuel your body. 

For me also doing crossfit I have seen performance increases at the same time as changing the way I look and feel. 

Finally, cannot say enough good things about the coaches. I work with Coach Mallory and it’s a pleasure to work with someone who cares about each person and their outcomes as much as she does. 



We’re super stoked to have him as a part of our Flex Fuel Team and are excited to continue to watch him crush his performance goals!


Meet Margie!

September 2017 >>>June 2018


For most of my adult life, I have never been able to find a healthy balance between fitness and my nutrition. I’d tried a couple different diets in the past with little success. At one point, my eating got so out of control (legit trips to McDonalds after work and buying cinnamon rolls at the store once a week then crashing hard) and it felt like this never ending cycle of eating then hating myself. By the end of last summer, I weighed the most I’d ever weighed and felt miserable, so I knew I’d reached a point where I had to make a major change. 


I’d heard about @flexfuel.nutrition through a couple friends and knew I had to get my eating under control before anything else. I’ve been working with Mallory since September and I came to her desperately wanting to lose weight and lean down, but more importantly, have a better relationship with food. She’s heard my ups and downs, coached me, and supported me through little moments of defeat without judgement and I owe a lot of my success to her. 


Not only I have I shed 18 lbs and a few inches, but more importantly my relationship with food is completely altered. While I do eat a lot of food, foods that I WANT and that fuel my body properly, I still occasionally indulge in my guilty pleasures. I’m also a lot more conscious about my alcohol intake now, which was something I was always veryyyyy lax with (you know, being in my 20’s and all). The last piece I wanted was to dial in my fitness, so I stumbled back into @thorbeckescrossfit in February and haven’t looked back. Anyone can say what they want about CF, (I did at one point as well) but all I will say is don’t ever knock someone for trying to get in better shape. 


Although this is not an end point, I wanted to share my personal experience thus far and maybe inspire someone along the way. I never, ever wanted to be photographed in my bikini before but after months of hard work, patience, and discipline, here I amheart





You can achieve what you set your mind to.


You may feel frustrated, a little insecure and fearful that you cant get the physique post baby but thats absolutely not true. With time, consistency and focus on health, together, we can get you there. I want to give a shoutout to all my new mom’s out there! I have a few I’m currently working with and they all deserve credit! They’re adjusting to life as a new mom all while putting their health/nutrition first and every time I get their check in’s I’m so proud of the work they’re putting in! Heather is a prime example of that!


Here is what she has to say: 

How long have you been tracking with Flex Fuel:

Your main goal in signing up: my main goal was to lose the “mom bod” and have all of the energy it takes to raise a little one.

Please give us a brief summary reviewing your experience with our program: 

I absolutely love this program! It gives me the flexibility to eat what I love and the accountability to stay within my limits. I joined a new gym about 6 months ago and have had several women ask me about what I eat since I’ve been able to lose all of my baby weight plus some! 

Being a new mom, what did you find you struggled with while tracking? How did you tackle that challenge? 

At first I struggled with eating enough. I was more focused on my new baby that often times I would forget to eat or simply didn’t have the time or energy. I overcame that challenge by starting to buy easy things like, yogurts and protein shakes and pretzels. The more that time has gone on and the more my child is eating the easy it’s became. I’m able to sit her in her high chair and make sure she has her food while I’m able to prep my food. 

Any advice to other new moms out there?

Stay consistent and don’t get down on yourself. Your body just created an amazing little human so it will take time to notice the difference. I remember being so discouraged when my pre-pregnancy pants didn’t fit, I literally broke down into tears. Remaining consistent and getting to the gym as often as I can has been extremely helpful with my overall body but also my state of mind!


We wanted to share her story not only because she’s rocking her nutrition but to inspire the new mom’s out there to show it can happen and you’ll get there! Be kind to yourselves( you are beautiful!), give yourselves some credit for all the new beginnings you’ve taken on and today when you look in the mirror, honor your body, its been busy creating another life! Cheers to the mama’s!




Janice W. -35



We have taken Janice through a diet phase, a reverse phase and are back into a dieting phase again. In her reverse diet we got her over 300 calories per day more than what she was averaging when she first came to us all while staying at a lower weight! Here’s what she has to say about her experience with Flex Fuel:

“My journey on Flex Fuel has been and will continue to be one of the most rewarding journeys of my life. Hands down. The mental chatter, the Shallow Hal feeling days where you see yourself through a funhouse mirror lens, the old stories… you name it! I have stayed the course, and remained committed to my goals. When I started I just wanted to LOOK like someone that worked out. I already spent hours in the gym on the regular, and pushed my body constantly, but I wanted to look and feel like that from the inside out. This process has provided me continuous lessons around the importance of fueling my body. I eat SO MUCH it still surprises me when the scale or measurement goes down. I’ve traveled a ton and stayed on track with each and every trip, freezing and packing food, getting creative with travel workouts, etc. The biggest struggle of all was giving the OK to post my pictures. But I think that is something I’m supposed to face. Be proud of and face the before, and commit to the ‘after’ as the NOW. The from here on out. No. Going. Back. I’m not done, but I’m sure proud of where I’m at. Gym sessions are stronger than ever, and Hot Yoga has reached a whole new level with inversions, arm balances and so much more. Stronger and lighter – what a combo! Most importantly my mental and physical awareness around food, fuel, hunger signs, emotional triggers, etc is that of someone with a healthy mindset! Sky is the limit, especially with my W.Seattle Macro Gang, Katy and Mallory by my side.”


We feel so lucky to call you part of our Flex Fuel family and can’t wait to see what’s ahead for you! Thank you for trusting the process and putting in the work, you are SUCH an inspiration to everyone around you! 


Katy and Mallory