Healthy Snacks! Ham Wrap-Ups and Frozen Blueberry Bites!

Ham Wrap-Ups




    • 4oz Ham


    • 45g Bell Pepper


    • 15g Chedder cheese


    • Few leaves of Baby Spinach




    • Slice up peppers in 15g pieces


    • Slice up cheese in 5g pieces


    • Rollup up cheese, pepper and spinach in about 1 1/3oz of ham


Serving Size: 3 Rollups

Macros: 26P 4.6C 9.9F

Frozen Blueberry Bites




    • 100g blueberries


    • 150g Greek yogurt (I used hint of cherry Chobani)




    • Using a fork, submerge each berry in yogurt until coated, shake off any excess


    • place on a baking sheet, making sure the berries don’t touch


    • Freeze for 1 hour


Serving size: 1/2 batch

Macros: 6.4P 1.4F 12.2C


Kale Chips

Kale chips.jpg

•100g de-stemmed Kale

•1/2 T. Olive oil

• season w/ salt, pepper, garlic or any seasoning of choice!

*toss kale with oil and spice and spread on a baking sheet. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 300. Flip halfway through. Let cool for 3 minutes and enjoy!!

9C 7F 5P for entire batch


Protein Packed Fruit Smoothie


•1 Cup Frozen mixed berries

•1T Peanut butter

•50 grams spinach

•1 scoop protein powder (I used Progenex Vanilla)

Blend and Enjoy!

25C 28P 9F

Pork Omelette over bed of sweet potatoes


Pork omelett.jpg

Pulled Pork filled Omelet over Cauli rice, butternut squash and sweet potatoes


100g sweet potato

100g butternut squash

80g Cauli rice

136g egg whites

5oz pulled pork

2oz mushrooms

4oz yellow squash

2 oz red onion

14g reduced fat chedder

40g spinach


Sautee’ butternut,sweet potatoe and cauli rice until soft. 

Combine rest of ingredients in a bowl and cook over medium heat in covered pan into an omelet. 

Mash sweet potatoe mixture onto plate, put Omelet on top and fill with pork!

*top w/avacado and salsa

MACROS: 43C 10F 58P