Dieting is dead, welcome to the Flex Fuel life

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Its hard to stand in a room full of people, all eyes on you, and talk about such a touchy subject….the broken world of dieting. Luckily, its easy to talk when you’re so passionate about the topic and it was actually hard to squeeze in everything we wanted to say in an hour, we simply couldn’t. The things we were able to talk about, things like the importance of protein, fats and carbs in your diet were hot topics within the group. Another hot topic was how most people come to us actually under eating and the diet industry is mostly to blame for that. For years, we’ve heard to lose weight you must eat low fat, low carbs or try the numerous diets like the HCG diet, the 1200 calorie counting diet, or the cabbage detox…really the list could go on. The one thing these all have in common is that it leads people into believing food is the enemy and to lose weight, the less we eat, the better. Those diets teach that in order to see results, you have to take drastic (yet unsustainable) measures like eliminating entire food groups or practically starving yourself, or that you have to follow a specific meal plan and that is SO wrong. Those misleading diets create damaged metabolisms for so many and ultimately set people up for failure. This is why we are doing these seminars, to educate people, discuss why we love flexible eating so much and to shed some light on the messed up ideals people have about dieting. We want to get people talking and show them that it doesn’t have to be that way, that what they’ve been taught about fad diets is wrong and start a movement, that dieting is dead. 

    This is just the start for us. We will be doing seminars as often as possible in any gym that will have us :) We want to get to know you and meet the people we are serving! If you already are a client with us, hopefully we can come to your gym, your territory and talk to others about Flex Fuel. If you’re not a part of the Flex Fuel family, you may be wondering, what the heck is Flex Fuel in the first place? What do they even offer? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Let me fill you in on what exactly we are and why you want to be part of our team, let’s pretend you just signed up….Welcome to the Flex Fuel life! 

1) Personal one and one coaching    

    We are a nutritional coaching company with an emphasis on flexible eating. We work with clients to provide a macronutrient prescription specific to their goals and lifestyle. There are plenty of online macro calculators where you can plug in your basic stats and out pops a generalized macro prescription. There is a major flaw in that! Those calculators do not take in to consideration that every.single.person. is different. We all have different lifestyle factors that come in to play; different goals, diet histories, food allergies, stress levels, sleep patterns, work schedules, and what your current food intake looks like as far as calories and food quality. We look at all of that. Upon signup, we will have you fill out an intake form because we want to know all those details, including the basic stats like age, weight, height, measurements and starting pictures. Those details make a huge difference in where you are starting with us and what adjustments we make along the way. A generalized calculator cannot do that. 

2) Weekly Check ins

    Once we get all the information we need, we send you your personalized starting macronutrient numbers along with a weekly check in day, a check in check list and a sheet to document your data. At weekly check ins we review your data from the previous week and how close/far you came from your daily targets. We want to know if you had any major stressors that week, how your sleep patterns were, how was training/activity level, in general, we want to know how you felt that week! What did you struggle with? What were small victories for you? What were some big victories for you? Again, we want to know it all! Our clients are not just numbers on a screen, we know each and every one of them in detail because we want to create a healthy lifestyle that enables them to reach their goals yet is something they can sustain long term. 

3) Accountability and support

    Having a nutrition coach is huge. We all do better when we have someone to be accountable to, its a proven fact. Katy and I both have coaches we answer to because it keeps us accountable to our own personal plans. Signing up to be part of our Flex Fuel team gives that element of accountability. You have a coach to check in with every single week and if you’re struggling during your week, you have that support to reach out to for help, how cool is that?! 

4) Coaches who care

    We care about every single one of our clients. We want you all to reach your goals and we want to do it in the healthiest way possible. That means we might not always tell you what you want to hear but by being able to evaluate your weekly data without personal bias or emotion, we can make the right changes from week to week. Its easy to be following a plan on your own and have the feeling one day of “I feel fat!” so the next day you overcompensate for that and eat much less…which then leads you to binge 3 days later because you’re starving and so begins the vicious cycle. We know this process can be a roller coaster of emotions and we can help you work through those emotions but we as coaches are able to separate emotion and factual data in order to make the best decisions possible surrounding your plan from week to week. We also want to teach you tools that you can take with you and utilize the rest of your lives and we do that by educating you as much as possible at each check in. If you want to know why we are making a certain change, or our thoughts behind a certain plan, ask! 

5) A community of like minded individuals 

    We have a private Facebook group you’re added to upon signup. Its a great sounding board for questions, to read about tips and tricks from other people who are following a flexible eating lifestyle and to share favorite recipes or items you love! There is so much strength in community, and its awesome to get to know people who are working towards their goals just like you! 


Flex Fuel is so much more than coaching nutrition basics. We know there is much more detail that goes into creating a plan than a generic online calculator or food plan and the emotion that goes hand in hand with lifestyle goals. We work with each individual to create the best plan possible and when you sign up, you’re not just signing up for a generic macro prescription, you are signing up to join a team of people who actually care and can help you reach your goals. 


We are currently working on our 2018 calendar and filling up weekends with Flex Fuel seminars. If you would like us to come and talk to your gym, please email us at


If you want to know more about Flex Fuel and want to attend one of our seminars, sign up for our weekly emails at, we’ll be sending out emails for upcoming seminars. 


Have a kick ass week!