The scale doesn’t paint the whole picture.

We talk a lot about “body composition changes” but I wanted to post this clients journey to show you what exactly I mean when I say that. Its easy to get wrapped up in a number with goals like “I want to weight 130 lbs” or “I want to lose 15 lbs”. The problem sometimes with setting a goal weight is it can feel like no progress is being made if you’re not seeing that number drop consistently week to week. That frustration can then start to feel like you’re not doing enough, you want to restrict calories even more and thus begins an ugly cycle of negative self talk and unsustainable habit change.

Thats why we love having our clients send us updated pictures with check ins. It allows us to see body composition changes that can be occurring even when the scale says different. 1 lb of muscle and 1 lb of fat weigh the same but they volume of space they take up is much different. If you’re someone who is putting time into training and focusing on weight lifting yet you’re putting all of your success on if the scale changes or not, you’re selling yourself short.

Olivia has been working with me for a few years. I’ve taken her through cut phases, reversal phases and maintenance phases based off the goals she had set through the year. We track her weight as an extra piece of data but its just one small piece of the pie that doesn’t always represent accurate progress. I wanted to share these pictures today to show just what I’m talking about. Her weight in her starting pictures from 2018 and her weight today in the comparison picture is relatively the same but the shift in body composition is SO different.

For every lb of muscle you’re gaining, you’re increasing your resting metabolic rate meaning that you’re literally increasing the calories your body burns each day. For every lb of muscle you put on, if you’re also dropping body fat the scale may not change but since the volume of those two masses is vastly different, your body will look different too. You’ll FEEL leaner, your clothes will fit different, you’ll see more muscle tone. Sure, the scale gives us a look at any major fluctuations and weight trends over time but it should never be the main focus.

I hope that this gave you a little more insight into body composition and how it can change even when the scale doesn’t. I would love to chat with you more about your personal journey and the things you want to accomplish this year with your nutrition, your body, your strength or just having an overall better relationship with food!

Hit the apply for coaching tab at the top of our website and fill out an application. You’ve got nothing to lose, at the very least we can chat about some concrete habits you can start to implement to that you can finally start working towards the goals you’ve been day dreaming about :)