Flexible eating and pregnancy; a Q& A with Flex Fuel member Kaylene

Kaylene is one of Flex Fuel’s OG’s. She has been with us since the launch 2 years ago and in that time she has had so many life changes and also goal changes within our Flex Fuel program. Last summer she married the love of her life(pictured below) and within the next few weeks, they’re expecting their first baby boy, Bo. She has been a rockstar during her pregnancy keeping her health and fitness a priority. I’ve been working with her to keep her nutrition in check throughout her pregnancy and thought she would be the perfect person to give you a little insight into the world of flexible eating while pregnant. Here is what she has to say:


How long have you been with Flex Fuel? 

I have been doing Flex Fuel since October 2015, right when it launched!

How far along are you?

I’ll be 36 weeks on Saturday, October 28th.

What was your initial goal starting with Flex Fuel and how has that changed now? 

When I first started I was focused on losing body fat, but still fueling my workouts and getting stronger. Mallory helped me meet and exceed my goals! It was definitely hard in the beginning to change my mindset and see and feel my body composition change so quickly. My goal since finding out I was pregnant has been to stay as active as possible for as long as possible, and to continue to track so that I didn’t get caught up in the whole “eating for two” excuse, which would be so easy for me to do!!

Have you been able to continue working out throughout your pregnancy and what has been the biggest obstacle in your way of that? 

I have been working out the whole time. The first trimester was definitely the most difficult for me. I was lucky and never had any morning sickness. However, I was so tired all of the time. I actually figured out I was pregnant because my workouts felt so terrible and I was so exhausted, which was not normal for me. It was tough trying to hide I was pregnant in the beginning, especially at the gym. I think that was the biggest obstacle for me! I had been training really intensely in the year prior to the 2017 Open. All of a sudden I wasn’t able to perform as expected in the Open (turns out I got pregnant the same time it started), and after the Open was over it was really hard to motivate myself to continue to do the workouts I was doing outside of class, but I was trying to hide it as best as I could in the first trimester. Once I finally told people it actually made it easier for me to workout because I joined the regular classes again and didn’t feel the pressure to perform! It did take a little while of me having to remind myself that I was no longer training to be better or faster or stronger. Changing my mindset about my workouts and how my body was changing was definitely difficult in the beginning, but got much easier with practice! During my second and third trimester I have been able to get in 5 days of working out most weeks. I have had to scale more and more as the weeks go on, but I have just tried to listen to my body and coaches.

What are some tips you can share with other expecting mothers? 

Use  your coaches! Nutrition as well as training. I have also sought advice from other people in my gym who have recently gone through pregnancy. Everyone’s pregnancy is different, but it helps to get an idea from other people about how they approached/handled being physically active while pregnant. Listen to your body, but even then you have to be smart. I continued to do box jumps through my second trimester because I have never felt uncomfortable doing them, but I made myself stop when I hit third trimester, it wasn’t worth the risk of falling. I also started to scale things that used my ab muscles long before they became uncomfortable. As I read more about diastase recti and talked to my best friend (who is a physical therapist), there was just no reason to do some exercises anymore. I have also found, for me anyway, that more recently on days when I don’t feel like working out because I’m tired, that if I get myself to the gym I end of feeling better and having more energy afterwards! I know that isn’t always possible for people, depending on how they feel in their pregnancy. For me though I think staying active has helped me in my pregnancy. Overall I feel pretty normal, and if I didn’t have this giant belly that occasionally gets in the way of things I wouldn’t even “feel” pregnant!

How has flexible eating/tracking macros been helpful during your pregnancy? 

It has been so helpful to me because it still gives me a goal to shoot for, and Mallory has helped me hold myself accountable, not just about overeating, but making sure that I am eating enough for baby. Since I was lucky to not have any morning sickness in the beginning, I definitely indulged more than I was used to because why not?! She helped me get back on track and in the habit of tracking things, even if I was going way over my goal for the day. As my pregnancy has progressed I have worked on smaller goals like making sure I was getting enough protein in my day, and as I near the end of my pregnancy, making sure I get enough fat.


I wanted to share her story to inspire you and to show you that although big changes happen throughout our lives, that you can still live with intention and keep your health and nutrition a prioroty. What exciting change do you have that is approaching and what adjustments will you make to keep your health a priority? 


With love,