Meet Kate: 6 Mo. Postpartum to 35+ lbs down!



Name:  Kate


Age: 31




What led you to flexible eating/Flex Fuel?:


My friends/coworkers and I signed up together! At 6 months postpartum, I wasn’t happy with my weight or my performance, and I knew I needed to do something. I wanted the accountability, but also wanted flexibility to eat the things I wanted in a healthy way.




What do you do to stay active?:


I do CrossFit and chase my toddler around




What has been your biggest challenge through this process so far and how did you overcome it?:


Balance. Balancing being a mom to a preteen and baby/toddler, a wife, working full time, having a social life, while being active and eating right. Planning has been my biggest tool – both meal planning and scheduling my time to prep and workout. I like to simplify meal planning, I pick two lunches and two dinners to cook each week and prep over the weekend. It helps save my evenings for my family, and creates balance.




What has been your biggest success through this process so far?:


The scale, lets be real! Since signing up, I have lost approximately 35 lbs. I’m also wearing the smallest size I have in my adult life.




Why do you like most about the flexible eating process?:


I rarely feel hungry, and I can eat what I want (within reason). I like that there are guidelines and something to measure against, but I have the control over what I actually consume.




What is your favorite treat to fit into your macros?:


I’m a sucker for dark chocolate, or Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups!




What’s your favorite macro hack?:


I like to tweak my snacks to hit my macros (ie peanut butter, yogurt, nuts, etc). I’m not too exciting I guess!




What do you like most about having a nutrition coach?:


The accountability for sure. Having someone that gets to know you and your quirks, while providing support and knowledge.




Would you recommend others to Flex Fuel and why?:


Yes. It’s super convenient. As long as you’re ready to commit to the process, it can be great!




We are so proud of all of your hard work Kate! Thank you for trusting the process, working hard and staying consistent!