Sunshine, BBQ and Minding your Macros

Now that this time of year has finally come, it seems like every weekend the temptation of a big juicy burger and a beer never goes away! There are lots of different ways to make this time of year macro friendly, whether you are grilling at home or gathering at friends or family. Here are some ideas to help you succeed!!…

  • Plan ahead!! Decide if you want to indulge on a burger with a bun, have a beer or eat some potato chips, you can have these things as long as you plan ahead and make the rest of your meal fit around it! 
  • Choose Lean meats and ask yours to be grilled with no added oils or glazes. 
  • Go bunless! Premake shish kabobs, wrap your burger in lettuce or slice your grilled chicken over a bed of lettuce for a yummy salad!
  • Low-Cal condiments! Mustard, hot sauce and reduced sugar ketchup are good go-to’s. Condiments can quickly add major macros to your dish if you aren’t careful!
  • Snack on veggies instead of reaching for the bag of chips! These will fill you up much faster and save you lots of carbs and fats!
  • If you associate summer bbq’ing with alcohol, reach for low cal beverages like light beers or liquor with flavored soda water. Try drinking a big glass of water for each drink you have, these will help from over-indulging and keep you hydrated!

Counting macros does not have to stop the summer fun! Plan ahead and you will succeed! Always keep your goals in plain view and it will be easy to stick to the plan in situations like these!!