Foodie friday! 

Being on a cut can sometimes mean we want to stretch our macros out as much as possible, get the most bang for our macro buck. That’s when cauliflower rice steps in! Cauliflower has virtually no taste but is a good way to fluff up a meal without sabotaging your daily allotment of carbs. It takes on the flavor of whatever you’re cooking it with and that’s why cauliflower-oats is one of my favorite meals! 


•100 grams of riced cauliflower

•30 grams of oatmeal 

•1/2 scoop of protein (I used cellucor cinnamon swirl) 

•1/2 cup of mixed unsweetened berries 

•Dash of cinnamon

Cook your oats according to the package. While those are cooking, steam your riced cauliflower in a bowl in the microwave(minute or two). Once soft, mash with a fork until it’s not chunky. When oats are cooked, add in mashed cauliflower, protein powder, and cinnamon. Top with berries and enjoy! I like to use frozen unsweetened berries because I toss them in the microwave for 20 seconds and they get really juicy which I like for something thick like oatmeal. You can top your cauli-oats with several different things, sliced banana, honey, peanut butter etc. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Total macros for the recipe above:

36 carbs

2.6 fat

19.2 protein

cauli oats.jpg