Fueled for a marathon!


We’ve had the privilege for the past couple months of working with one of our dearest friends, @livewellbydanielle. (Check out her blog- she’s awesome!)

One reason we love her so much is she is always exploring ways to better her health and the health of others. Although she came to us eating lots of clean, whole foods, we have started to take her to the next level, making sure her ratio of macros is supporting her lifestyle. 

Danielle came to us training for the Chicago marathon and we quickly found she was under fueled! We have been continuously adding in calories and ensuring she is fueling and recovering properly. 

Her energy is up, she crushed her marathon and is on track to go into the next phase with her nutrition. *

Remember, nutrition isn’t always about immediate, dramatic weight loss or instant gratification, it must be periodized according to your performance goals, dieting history and it truly is a JOURNEY, not a destination! *

If you want to commit to a nutrition program that will truly change your habits and relationship with food, you have come to the right place!