Double trouble tostada

Sometimes I just need something quick to make for lunch or dinner when my schedule is crazy busy and I dont have a ton of time to cook. These tostada’s are quick, easy to make, and satisfy the tastebuds! Here’s what you need to make one serving( two tostada’s):


-Tostada shells 

-65 grams of vegetarian refried beans 

-3 oz of grassfed ground beef 

-28 grams of reduced fat mexican shredded cheese 

-A spinkle of alfalfa sprouts 

-Hot sauce( I used siracha) 


Turn on your ovens broil option. While thats heating up, cook your ground beef until there is no pink( I cooked an entire pound of this earlier and had it in the fridge to use). Put shells on a baking sheet. Spread your refried beans over the top of your tostada shells, then your cooked ground beef. Divide cheese and sprinkle over both tostada’s. Put baking sheet in oven on broil and watch closely until cheese is melted. Once melted, take out, cover in sprouts and add hot sauce. 


As you can see, really easy to make, something you can easily make for the entire family and its right in time for cinco de mayo! I hope you enjoy! 


You can make different variations of this using ground turkey, chicken, shredded lettuce, salsa, pico de gallo, black beans….the options are endless! 


Macros for both tostadas:

34 carbs

16 fat

33 protein


fiesta tostada.jpg


Chicken Salad lettuce wraps


-1 big can of chicken(10 oz) 

-1/2 cup of crushed pineapple 

-1 oz of red onion, diced 

-2 TBL light mayo 

-1 oz of sliced almonds 

-Dash of salt and pepper 


Mix everything together in a bowl, scoop in lettuce and enjoy!

This made a big batch so you could cut this in half for a lighter lunch!

24 Fat / 30.6 Carbs / 44.5 Protein


To make this lower fat, you can eliminate the almonds or only use half the serving I used! I just like some crunch with my lettuce wraps. These are really easy to make ahead of time and store well overnight.


Chicken salad lettuce wraps .jpg


My macro menu for a day!

I have clients come to us asking what they can eat, they don’t know where to start as far as what meals to make. My suggestion is to first start with simple meals they’re already used to making but swap out a few ingredients for healthier ones. As they get more comfortable with those initial changes, they can then start exploring different meal options and making changes to entire meals. Its much easier and usually more sustainable if you ease your way in to it instead of diving in head first. Take a look at what I ate in a day to see that keeping things basic can be tasty yet still help you hit your macro goals! 

Breakfast: Turkey breakfast bowl.

1 serving of rice, scrambled with 1 whole egg and two servings of egg whites, topped with salsa verde. Served with my morning cup of coffee and 2 tablespoons of organic half and half. 

48 carbs/11.5 fat/ 47 protein

breakfast bowl.jpg


Lunch: 1 turkey burger with organice ketchup, 1 thin slice of cheddar cheese on a toasted bun. With a side of cucumber salad( Recipe will be posted Friday!) and two pickles

35.4 carbs/ 14.3 fat/ 42.7 protein

turkey burger .jpg


Snack: 200 grams of organic fuji apple and 2 tablespoons of organic peanut butter

35.3 carbs/ 16.3 fat/ 7.5 protein

apples and peanut butter.jpg


Dinner: 5 oz of grilled grass fed top sirloin, 150 grams of roasted sweet potatoes sprinkled with garlic seasoning and sea salt and 1 corn on the cob. 

49 carbs/ 4.4 fat/ 37.2 protein 

steak dinner.jpg


Most of the time I keep things basic so I have as little prep as possible. Stick to the basics, stick to real whole foods and it should feel much easier nailing down a day of logging healthy meals. If you are curious about macros and need some help, check out our plans and become part of our Flex Fuel family, we would love to help you! 


With love, 



Easy Thai Lettuce wraps

Thai lettuce wraps.jpg

•4oz 93/7 ground turkey

•105g white rice 

•50g red cabbage

•80g river cauliflower

•30g green onion

•75g peppers

•30g red curry paste

•40g lite coconut milk

•50g romaine

•15g cashews

Brown meat, mix in veggies and cooked rice until tender, summer in coconut milk and curry paste for 10 minutes. Scoop into romaine and top with crushed cashews and fresh lime!! 

MACROS: 68C 17F 34P

**eliminate rice to make lower carb!

Turkey-Avacado-Egg Sandwich

Turkey avacado egg.jpg

•4oz 93/7 ground turkey

•1 whole egg

•1 oz avocado 

•1 slice turkey bacon

•1 slice whole wheat bread 

Grill up your burger with turkey bacon, fry your egg and sanwhich

it all between your toast! Enjoy! Easy, delicious and packed with protein! 

MACROS: 20C 21F 34P

**use 99% fat free turkey burger to keep fat lower!