The Black Hole of Holiday Eating: Enjoy the Holidays Without Getting Sucked In!

Why is it that one treat is never enough? When we go into the holiday season it’s like all sense goes out the door and it’s acceptable to eat the entire plate of cookies! We use the fact that January 1st is right around the corner and we swear we will be on track come the New Year. Forbes Magazine had a great article on New Years Resolutions and stated that research shows only 8% of people actually achieve their Resolutions!! 8% in all of the U.S.?! That’s insane! Also, one more reason to start creating the things you want for your life now, not wait until the New Year!

American Holidays are so focused around food and drink, that seems to be what it is all about now. Everyone is posting their pictures of frosted cookies with red and green sprinkles, chocolate covered pretzels with crumbled candy cane on top, hot coco with peppermint Schnapps, all the wine and Christmas cocktails with a side of every delicious appetizer you can think up, and we haven’t even got to Christmas dinner yet! 

What if we shifted our focus? What if we broke the mold and brought a healthy treat? Or a fun game instead? Focusing on the fun and Cheer for the holidays instead of consuming an ungodly amount of calories could save a lot of us some serious pounds and regret! This doesn’t mean we have to cut out all things delicious and fun, but maybe we can just chill out a bit and stay aware of what we are consuming instead of pretending we aren’t going to hate the fact we took 5 more steps backwards in a matter of one month. 

So what can we do to avoid getting sucked in? I have a few suggestions that I hope help!

  • Establish What Your Goals Are. Whatever your goals may be, it is important to make them clear, even to yourself. Write down (right now!! Yes, NOW!) what your top 3 goals are right now in your life and keep them in your sights. Check out our previous blog, Finish the Year off As Strong as You Started It!, for more details on this. When your goals are fresh in your mind, you are more likely to think twice!
  • Do Something non-food related. Holiday cheer doesn’t have to revolve around all the food and drinks. This time of year has so much to offer, go out and soak it all in! Grab some friends and go sledding or ice skating, go check out all the Christmas lights up around your town, get together and do a fun holiday Pinterest project or go help out your local shelter. There is always so much happening, go and DO!!
  • Be “That” person and bring a healthy alternative to the party. There will be plenty of calorie loaded food there, so why not bring something you and others can snack on guilt-free? Make some clean, healthier cookies, a veggie tray with greek yogurt dip- make it exciting and make it into a Christmas Tree design! Like this– or even a fruit tray! Bring a low calorie drink option, I love the zero calorie cranberry ginger ale right now! Whatever it is, bring an option that you know you can resort to if there is no other calorie-friendly options.
  • Moderation. There will be the moments where of coarse, you must enjoy your grandmas homemade pie that only comes around once a year, but when these moments come, practice self control and moderation. Having that treat you have been craving doesn’t mean you need 5 pieces. Have a serving and then move on. One treat won’t destroy your progress, its the half a pie or week long binge that will. Eat the treat and then WALK AWAY!! 
  • Mind Over Matter. The mind is a powerful thing. You can convince yourself not to eat the cookie and that it’s not worth it or you can convince yourself it’s not that big of a deal and “i’ll get on track at the New Year.” In the face of temptation, put yourself in the shoes of your future self, tomorrow, next week or at the New year or when you try on that bikini and think about how you would feel about this moment then. I bet you put that cookie down. 
  • Enjoy the reason for the season. Focus on what this time of year is all about! Enjoy time with loved ones and giving to others around you. Soak it all in and don’t end this season wishing you had done things different!

I am so passionate about each and every one of you reaching your goals and going for them NOW, I hope this motivates you and gives you some confidence that you can get through this month and not feel defeated! More than anything I want you to enjoy the holidays, because this time of year is the BEST and should be enjoyed in every way! 

All the Holiday Cheer,