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For most of my adult life, I have never been able to find a healthy balance between fitness and my nutrition. I’d tried a couple different diets in the past with little success. At one point, my eating got so out of control (legit trips to McDonalds after work and buying cinnamon rolls at the store once a week then crashing hard) and it felt like this never ending cycle of eating then hating myself. By the end of last summer, I weighed the most I’d ever weighed and felt miserable, so I knew I’d reached a point where I had to make a major change. 


I’d heard about @flexfuel.nutrition through a couple friends and knew I had to get my eating under control before anything else. I’ve been working with Mallory since September and I came to her desperately wanting to lose weight and lean down, but more importantly, have a better relationship with food. She’s heard my ups and downs, coached me, and supported me through little moments of defeat without judgement and I owe a lot of my success to her. 


Not only I have I shed 18 lbs and a few inches, but more importantly my relationship with food is completely altered. While I do eat a lot of food, foods that I WANT and that fuel my body properly, I still occasionally indulge in my guilty pleasures. I’m also a lot more conscious about my alcohol intake now, which was something I was always veryyyyy lax with (you know, being in my 20’s and all). The last piece I wanted was to dial in my fitness, so I stumbled back into @thorbeckescrossfit in February and haven’t looked back. Anyone can say what they want about CF, (I did at one point as well) but all I will say is don’t ever knock someone for trying to get in better shape. 


Although this is not an end point, I wanted to share my personal experience thus far and maybe inspire someone along the way. I never, ever wanted to be photographed in my bikini before but after months of hard work, patience, and discipline, here I amheart





Say “NO” to strict meal plans

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Stress and Mindset, welcome to week 3 of our formula for healthier living!

Mindset work is the same as training any other muscle. We don’t get strong from wishful thinking just like we don’t get better at a positive mindset from wishing for it. It takes time and practice but eventually you can train your brain to focus on the good in life instead of letting the negative thoughts take over. When something puts a hiccup in your plan or doesn’t quite go how you wanted, you have two choices, to wallow in pity and excuses or to take the opportunity to learn and grow and be able to handle the situation better next time. A friend recommended the ‘5 Minute Journal to me for mindset practice and the below tasks are from that journal. 


Each morning, you should start your day with:


    -Writing down 3 things you are grateful for. 


    -What would make today great? 


    -1 daily affirmation. 


At night before getting into bed, you should write down:

    -3 things that happened today that were amazing:


    -One thing you could have done differently today to make it better? 


By doing this every morning and every night, it sets a positive tone for your day and makes you aware of the things that you are fortunate to have in life. We get busy with the typical day to day hustle and bustle that sometimes its easy to get caught up in the chaos……his practice makes you slow down for 5 minutes and really be thankful for the amazing things in your life. 


Next but definitely not least in your health journey, reducing stress! When I talk to friends at the gym, family members and even the clients we work with, the one thing most people have in common in stress. Its talked about like its the new norm and if you don’t live a life full of it, who are you?! We have to change our thinking around this. Stress is a killer of good health and your progress. Do you feel like you’re doing everything right by eating well and exercising yet you just cant seem to lose the body fat you set out months ago to lose?  Ask yourself:

    *How is your sleep quality and how much are you getting each night? 

    *How is your work atmosphere? Do you work in a high stress environment? 

    *What about your personal relationships? Are you arguing with your spouse more? Your parents? Your children? 

    *Do you get to have any time to yourself? To unwind? What about to do something you find fun and enjoy?


All of those things above could be producing stress in your life and if you’re walking around in a state of stress all the time, your body isn’t working optimally and your progress has most likely plateaued. Let’s work on it! 

>>First, you have to identify the stressor. If you can’t pinpoint where its coming from, how can you fix it. Go through your day from when your alarm first goes off to when you lay your head on your pillow at night. When do you feel the highest level of stress and what were you doing? 

>>Secondly, now that you’ve been able to figure out what is adding stress to your life, its time to start eliminating it by evaluting your commitments. Are you saying ‘yes’ to things that you can be saying no to? I hear from so many clients they are stressed simply from lack of time. They’re running around from the second they get up, taking kids to sports, work, grocery shopping, birthday parties, family gatherings…etc, the list could go on and on. Start saying NO! Do you have to attend that birthday party? Do you have to meet that coworker for coffee? Taking time for yourself is NOT selfish. In fact, if you can take more time for yourself, you’re showing up a better version of yourself rather than a stressed out version. 

>>Thirdly, practice better planning/scheduling and don’t be afraid to ask for help! If you’re struggling to get your child to practice on time, ask another parent if they would mind taking them and you’ll pick them up! Can your spouse stop by the store and pick up something for dinner? Divide the duties and you’ll immediately feel a sense of relief when you don’t feel like you’re trying to be 3 different places at one time. 

>>Lastly, exercise. This is a no brainer! Exercise releases endorphins that make us feel happy and accomplished! Plus, whatever you choose to do for exercise, that can be your special time where you can block out the noise and focus on you. Some of my most calming times are when I’m on a jog, earphones plugged in, listening to my favorite music and checking out for awhile. 


Our health is not just about the foods we are eating, it is very much about the stress we allow into our life and our mindset around challenging situations. All of these things are important pieces to the bigger picture so starting today, we challenge you to start practicing positive mindset and figuring out what are your highest stress points in your day to day life and how can you lower those.


Tonight, we’ll be going live on our private facebook group at 6:30 pm PST and going more in depth on these topics! Hope to see you guys there! 

With love,





You can achieve what you set your mind to.


You may feel frustrated, a little insecure and fearful that you cant get the physique post baby but thats absolutely not true. With time, consistency and focus on health, together, we can get you there. I want to give a shoutout to all my new mom’s out there! I have a few I’m currently working with and they all deserve credit! They’re adjusting to life as a new mom all while putting their health/nutrition first and every time I get their check in’s I’m so proud of the work they’re putting in! Heather is a prime example of that!


Here is what she has to say: 

How long have you been tracking with Flex Fuel:

Your main goal in signing up: my main goal was to lose the “mom bod” and have all of the energy it takes to raise a little one.

Please give us a brief summary reviewing your experience with our program: 

I absolutely love this program! It gives me the flexibility to eat what I love and the accountability to stay within my limits. I joined a new gym about 6 months ago and have had several women ask me about what I eat since I’ve been able to lose all of my baby weight plus some! 

Being a new mom, what did you find you struggled with while tracking? How did you tackle that challenge? 

At first I struggled with eating enough. I was more focused on my new baby that often times I would forget to eat or simply didn’t have the time or energy. I overcame that challenge by starting to buy easy things like, yogurts and protein shakes and pretzels. The more that time has gone on and the more my child is eating the easy it’s became. I’m able to sit her in her high chair and make sure she has her food while I’m able to prep my food. 

Any advice to other new moms out there?

Stay consistent and don’t get down on yourself. Your body just created an amazing little human so it will take time to notice the difference. I remember being so discouraged when my pre-pregnancy pants didn’t fit, I literally broke down into tears. Remaining consistent and getting to the gym as often as I can has been extremely helpful with my overall body but also my state of mind!


We wanted to share her story not only because she’s rocking her nutrition but to inspire the new mom’s out there to show it can happen and you’ll get there! Be kind to yourselves( you are beautiful!), give yourselves some credit for all the new beginnings you’ve taken on and today when you look in the mirror, honor your body, its been busy creating another life! Cheers to the mama’s!




Our 4 week formula for creating your healthiest life.

the 4 week formula for creating your best life.png


Starting with week #1: TIme to clean out da kitchen! 

We picked this as week numero uno because temptation is hard to deny! If we could rely soley on our will power to avoid those tasty treats more often, then we wouldn’t be in a place trying to drop extra lb’s or left feeling a little lathargic after an afternoon overdose on oreos. Its time to check your ego and get real with yourself. If you think back to the times you’ve failed at turning your nutriton around, was it because you truly didn’t want success so it didn’t matter that you ate those doritos in the pantry? Or was it because will power is fleeting and although you had the best intentions, those cravings got the best of you? Im putting my money on the second. Thats okay! We’re human but instead of beating yourself up over a little hiccup to the plan, its time to face it head on by giving your kitchen a makeover. 



If you find yourself constantly falling off your plan because you can’t say no to the Ben and Jerry’s in your freezer, girl, its time to give it up! We buy these things with the best intentions but when motivation is low and cravings are high, we usually lose the battle. I’ve been there! I used to keep a candy bar in my kitchen that I thought looked cute to stock throughout the seasons with candy( yes, stores find ANY reason to market candy!) I would tell myself that it would be fine, I would just have one or two Dove chocolates here and there….or a small handful of m&m’s when I wanted. BOY WAS I WRONG. That candy bar sabotaged my success over and over again. One piece would turn into 5 and then 6 and my cravings would go through the roof. A one piece treat here and there turned into a daily grazing at the candy bar. I finally had to have a tough love talk with myself next time I was at the store wanting to restock….stop the madness Mal! I obvioussly had no self control when refined sugar was laying around my kitchen so I stopped buying it. One of the most common statements I hear is ” I buy them for my kids!” or “I can’t get rid of those, my kids eat them!” and that always makes me scratch my head….if its not healthy for you, its not for your kids, or your husband, or the family thats visiting from out of state. Set the bar high! Teach your kids about nutrition, help your hubby make wiser choices by setting a great example for them. You are helping them out and you are setting yourself up for success by eliminating those items from your kitchen for good. We love the 90/10 rule. Eat clean 90% of the time and save 10% for a special treat, just dont keep it in your house. Enjoy an afternoon out to lunch or make a run to your favorite treat place if you want something special. 


Now that you have extra room in your pantry, its time to RESTOCK.  

Walking into my kitchen freshly stocked with all my favorite items is like walking into a closet with a brand new wardrobe…..oh the excitment and possibilities! Seriously, it feels like that! I like to have a wide variety of protein, carbohydrate, and fat sources. Here is what I usually pick up:

PROTEINS: Grass fed organic ground beef, free range hormone free chicken breast, free range hormone free ground turkey, open nature brand chicken sausages, cage free eggs 

CARBOHYDRATES: Rice, quinoa, oatmeal, beans, potatoes, gluten free english muffins.

                      -My favorite veggies: Spinach, Kale, peppers, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, summer squash, spahgetti squash, butternut squash, green beans, brussel sprouts, and asparagas. 

                      -My favorite fruits: Bananas, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, apples, raspberries, watermelon, canteloupe.

FAT SOURCES: I like kerrygold grassfed butter, avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, seeds, nuts, nut butters, organic half & half( for my coffee) 


As you can see, there are SO many delicious food options out there that don’t have to include refined sugars and over processed frozen dinner meals and when you have a kitchen that is stocked with options, its much easier to stay on track. Plus, when hunger strikes, if the oreos are MIA and you have some good snacks on hand like freshly sliced cucumbers and hummus, you can’t go wrong! 



Its hard to stay motivated to cook healthy if you don’t have useful kitchen gadgets on hand. Personally I love barbequing and use mine year round. Its easy clean up, I can BBQ large portions and it doesnt take up use of my oven for other things. If you don’t have a BBQ handy, make sure you nice bakeware on hand. A blender comes in handy for those mornings when you want a protein shake and a food processor is a staple item in my household! I use it to make soups, evenly chop cauliflower for rice, to make fresh pico de gallo, and so many other things. Storage containers are a huge help as well! You dont want to waste the delicious meal you put time and money into making, store the leftovers in a glass tupperware container and eat them for lunch the next day. I recently replaced all my plastic tupperware with glass tupperware in an attempt to eliminate outside toxins. Here is the link to my favorite storage containers I use right now. I make it a priority to double the serving when cooking dinner so I have extras for lunch the next day. It saves me from having to prep an entirely seperate lunch, any way to save time and effort I’m happy with! 


This week, set aside some time to go through your kitchen and give it the Flex Fuel makeover. Toss the junk, kick the cravings to the curb and lets start on the best path to healthier living by eliminating temptation in your home. We will be going live in our private facebook group tonight at 7 PM PST to chat with you guys about this kickoff and answer any questions you may have. If you are not a part of that group, make sure to email us at with your email address and we can get you added. The only way to be a part of this 4 week formula is to join our private group. What do you have to lose? Its completely FREE for anyone to join. Hope to see you guys there! 






Week 4: Track Your Food and What’s Next? Nutritional Periodization and Why it’s Important!

Just a little recap on the last 3 weeks:

Week 1: Eat 3 meals a day (preferably balanced with a protein/carb/fat), with 2 of these meals containing veggies

Week 2: Sleep and Water

Week 3: Minimize/eliminate processed foods and sugar

week 4-track your food.PNG

Why track your food?

Some of you may think about tracking your food and immediately get overwhelmed or find it tedious but we promise it serves an extremely productive purpose! A few reasons tracking your food is beneficial:

1. It makes you aware of what you are putting into your body

2. It makes you aware of the amount of calories you are consuming

3. It makes you aware of what the balance of those calories looks like  (ratio of proteins/carbs/fats)

4. It makes you aware of the amount of micronutrients you are consuming- or lack thereof!

5. Easily points out holes in your diet and allows you to make a plan on how to fix those holes.

6. Can prevent or at least bring awareness to mindless snacking- it’s amazing how often we eat food without even realizing it!

7. Allows us to see the timing of our food throughout the day, how it is spaced out and how it may be affecting our energy, performance, sleep, etc.

8. Shows us where to start in periodizing your nutrition for the year.

Have we convinced you this is a good idea yet?! Being aware of where we truly stand with our nutrition is the first step to reaching our goals!

How do I track?

Our top recommendation for this would be using the My Fitness Pal app. The reason for this is because it’s super easy to use, it has a huge database of foods with accurate nutrition facts, it can breakdown each meal by macronutrients and you can even set goals for each meal and snacks. You can set the time stamp feature so it keeps track of what time you ate as well! If you are eating any food that has a bar code, you can scan your food right into MFP, adjust the portion size you ate and log it just like that! So easy. The more frequently you log food, it will save those foods so you can easily log them again if it’s something you eat often. The recipe feature is another great one if you make recipes often. You can input all the ingredients and divide it by servings to easily keep track and have the recipe saved for future use. 

There are many tracking apps out there, MFP is just our personal favorite but as long as it tracks accurate nutrition facts and logs your total calories, macronutrients and micronutrients, it works! Using a pen and paper will also work to start out, this will just allow you to be more aware of what you are eating and is a completely fine place to start! Over time, you may want to transition over to an app just to see more specifics, but decide which method you feel you will be most successful with starting out and do that! 

What do I do with the information?

Once you have the data for a full week of eating, it’s time to assess! 

What to look for:

1. Average caloric intake over all days. Do you have a pretty conistent intake? Do you have days that are extra high or low and if so can you correlate those days as to why they were that way? Are you eating low calorie and not seeing results you want? Are you eating higher calorie than you thought?

2. Average balance of macronutrients. What is your average daily intake of protein, carbs and fats? Do you naturally gravitate towards higher carbs or fats? Is your protein intake adequate or inadequate for your body and activity level? 

3. Micronutrient balance- you will be able to see an overview of whether or not you are getting enough quality foods 

4. Sugar intake- tracking everything can shed a lot of light on whether or not your sugar is too high!

5. Assess progress according to goals. Is your goal to lose weight, yet you are eating super low calorie or high calorie? Is your goal to increase performance but your quality and quanity of macros is off? Whatever your goals are, having the data to assess where you are at, where you want to be and what needs to be adjusted to get there is the first step to creating change.

Enter, Nutritional Periodization

After you assess your current intake, a few different paths can be taken depending on your goals:

1.Reverse Diet- If you are eating a low amount of calories and still aren’t seeing weight loss or any body composition changes, you will need to reverse diet to repair metabolism and set yourself up for success for the rest of the year. We wrote an entire blog on this topic! Check it out here:

2. Cutting phase- If you are eating a higher amount of calories and your goal is weight loss/body composistion, you will need to slowly cut back on calories to see the progress you are looking for.

3. Maintenance phase- If you are eating an appropriate amount of calories and your goal is to just maintain or fine tune your current intake you can hang out just where you are while making sure your proteins, carbs and fats are in an appropriate balance. Depending on your activity level, you may want to play with different ratios of macros to see what works best for you!

4.Bulking phase- If your goal is to put on weight, muscle or increase performance, you will want to work your way into a caloric surplus where you are actively feeding your body to do so. Doing this in the appropraite way will ensure as minimal fat gain as possible while putting on muscle.

No matter what your goals are your nutrition should be periodized, you should have Season, Post season, Off season and pre-season. Even if you aren’t an athlete, your nutrition should go in similar phases throughout the year to keep your metabolism, hormones, mind and body healthy!

Make A Game Plan!

You should have a plan laid out for the entire year. Knowing your plan and where you are headed is crucial to success! It is much easier to comply and hang on through those challenges times when you can see the big picture, if you are dieting mindlessly, it can be so easy to make excuses and fall off the wagon! 

If you are unsure of which direction you should be going and you don’t have a clear plan, please don’t wait to reach out! The longer you put off creating a concrete plan, the longer you push off achieving your goals and setting your body up in an optimal place! If you want to have that Summer body, NOW is the time to start! Not only for this year, but even more so for NEXT year! Periodization is setting you up for the long game- no more crash, fad diets! 

Do you want to perform your best for next year’s Crossfit Open? NOW is the time to start periodizing, getting your body in a healthy, optimal place to perform at it’s best! Same goes for any other physical ventures you may have- marathons, sparatan races, mountain climbing, etc. Whatever it is, don’t start thinking about your nutrition before it’s too late, the longer you give your body to prep and prepare, the easier the process will be! 

Here’s to a having a game plan and crushing it!!


P.S. – Dont forget our Facebook live @7pm pst. tonight 3/26!

4 Week Fail Proof Plan to Healthier Living

4 Week Fail Proof Plan to Healthier Living.png

Each Monday at 7 pm starting today, we are going to go live on facebook and focus on ONE thing you can change that week to start working towads your goals of healthier living. Habits are created by repeatedly doing an activity each week, so we will focus on one thing you can practice every day that week and create that healthy habit. After a week of doing it you should feel more comfortable and be doing it more effortlessly which is when we will add another thing the following week and continue to build upon that first healthy habit. At the end of our 4 weeks, you will have created strong, long term sustainable habits that will help you live healthier! We’re going to keep it simple guys, I know its easy to over complicate the process when you’re trying to change your life but it doesnt have to be! The smallest, simplest changes really do make the biggest impact on our lives so why not join us for these next 4 weeks and find out just what we’re talking about! 


I know, it may sound old school but we see so many people skipping out on breakfast or too busy for lunch and it creates issues later on in their day. It may seem like a small detail but this first habit can make a huge impact on your day to day life! Have you ever left the house in the morning to run a couple errands thinking you would be gone just an hour and then the day flies by and its suddenly 4 in the afternoon and you’re starving! What usually happens next? Your hunger monster comes out with a vengence and you typically end up grabbing the closet thing to you(fast food) or binge eating a massive meal because you waited so long to eat that now you want to eat the entire kitchen. We get it! We’ve been there and we know first hand how hard it can be to make healthy choices when you get to that level of hungry. This is why aiming to eat 3 meals throughout your day is so important. It keeps your hunger cues level throughout your day which helps you make wiser choices in what youre eating. If you head into lunch after a hearty breakfast, you’re going to take the time to think out what is the best choice for you for lunch time and you’re going to take the time to slow down and actually enjoy your meal. Getting to that level of hunger after skipping out on a meal increases the chances of you falling off your plan and grabbing a less stellar option. 

Eating 3 meals a day also keeps your blood sugar levels more balanced which means energy levels stay consistent. No one likes that afternoon slump at work! It makes your day drag by much slower if you’re also fighting the afternoon urge to nap! Rememeber, food is fuel so making balanced meals a priority throughout our day is going to set you up for optimal performance in whatever you’re doing. Confused on exactly how to create those balanced meals? Keep it simple! Aim to have a protein, carbohydrate, and fat at every meal. Our body utilizes those different macronutrients for different reasons so its important to try to incorporate them at every meal. 

The next tip regarding 3 meals is to incorporate vegetables with at least 2 of them. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “eat the rainbow” and we agree! Eating a diet full of different vegetables helps get all those health promoting vitamins and minerals in your system. Vegetables are also relatively low calorie so by including them at each meal, you’re not only filling up on nutrient dense goodness but can fill up on them while still keeping your calories low. We’ve found that eating your vegetables first helps fill you up and lowers the chances of you wanting to grab that extra serving of maybe a not so healthy choice. 

Depending on your activity level, biofeedback measures, and your schedule we know that sometimes eating 5 smaller meals a day is more beneficial to the individual. Or 3 bigger meals with two snacks throughout the day. It really depends on each person but we do know without a doubt, that if you’re not eating 3 solid meals a day right now, this is a great starting point for you to start living a healthier life! See, not so scary, right? This week we challenge you to make sure you’re eating at least 3 quality meals throughout your day, aiming to include a protein/fat/carb at each meal and also incorporating veggies in at least 2 of those meals. 

We will get more in detail tonight on the facebook live so if you have further questions or just want to learn more, you don’t want to miss it! Make sure you have ‘liked’ our page on Facebook, Flex Fuel, and tune in tonight at 7 to watch! We’re super excited about this and we want as many people included in this challenge as possible so tell your friends and family membes to tune is as well! 


Talk to you guys tonight!