Say “NO” to strict meal plans

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What comes next in your fail proof plan to healthier living?

Healthy habits are built through consistency. If we repeatedly try to do something and make it a focus each day, eventually it will become a habit. We know for a lot of people, the all or nothing mindset kicks in when it comes to dieting but usually that ends up in failure. Its too many drastic changes, all at once that leave you feeling overwhelmed. We started this challenge because we wanted to simplify nutrition. We wanted to start by creating one habit at a time and building upon that habit each week. We wanted to create a plan that would help you guys sort through a lot of the bullsh*t floating around in the diet world. In case you missed the challenge, here are the habits we focused on for the last four weeks, you can click the links to read the full post. 


*Week one: 3 balanced meals a day. Try to incorporate vegetables at two of those meals. 


*Week two: Water intake and sleep.


*Week three: Try to reduce/eliminate processed foods and sugar.


*Week four: Start tracking your food, create a food log and why nutritional periodization is SO important.

Those were simple enough, right? They may seem like small changes but believe us, those small changes add up to huge reward. Your nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated but there is so much information, where do you start? YOU START HERE. With coaches who are passionate about health and every single person we get the opportunity to work with. Look, we get it. Its hard to create change that sticks around. Thats why accountability is SO important while you’re laying the foundation for your future. We believe education is key and through working with our clients, we strive to eliminate a lot of that confusion that the dieting world creates. We can face your challenges together and we will come up with strategies to help you conquer those mountains. 


You don’t want another fad diet. The quick fixes don’t work. We know you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. You’re burned out on trying things that fail.


So, what are we offering you to this week? A deal you don’t want to pass up!  A chance to continue this journey with us, as a team. 


We are offering with a 3 month commitment, one full additional month FREE for all new memberships. Thats up to a $200 value and we are giving it to you for free. 


Why? Because we have heard from so many of you how awesome you’re feeling after these last four weeks and we want to show you this can be sustainable long term and continue working with you on a more personal level to really dial in your nutrition! Let us show you why all those other diets never worked and create a plan you can carry out forever. We have limited spots available, summer is right around the corner and our available memberships are filling up fast. If you want in on this special deal, email us at and we will get you set up! 


We look forward to working with you!


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4 Week Fail Proof Plan to Healthier Living

4 Week Fail Proof Plan to Healthier Living.png

Each Monday at 7 pm starting today, we are going to go live on facebook and focus on ONE thing you can change that week to start working towads your goals of healthier living. Habits are created by repeatedly doing an activity each week, so we will focus on one thing you can practice every day that week and create that healthy habit. After a week of doing it you should feel more comfortable and be doing it more effortlessly which is when we will add another thing the following week and continue to build upon that first healthy habit. At the end of our 4 weeks, you will have created strong, long term sustainable habits that will help you live healthier! We’re going to keep it simple guys, I know its easy to over complicate the process when you’re trying to change your life but it doesnt have to be! The smallest, simplest changes really do make the biggest impact on our lives so why not join us for these next 4 weeks and find out just what we’re talking about! 


I know, it may sound old school but we see so many people skipping out on breakfast or too busy for lunch and it creates issues later on in their day. It may seem like a small detail but this first habit can make a huge impact on your day to day life! Have you ever left the house in the morning to run a couple errands thinking you would be gone just an hour and then the day flies by and its suddenly 4 in the afternoon and you’re starving! What usually happens next? Your hunger monster comes out with a vengence and you typically end up grabbing the closet thing to you(fast food) or binge eating a massive meal because you waited so long to eat that now you want to eat the entire kitchen. We get it! We’ve been there and we know first hand how hard it can be to make healthy choices when you get to that level of hungry. This is why aiming to eat 3 meals throughout your day is so important. It keeps your hunger cues level throughout your day which helps you make wiser choices in what youre eating. If you head into lunch after a hearty breakfast, you’re going to take the time to think out what is the best choice for you for lunch time and you’re going to take the time to slow down and actually enjoy your meal. Getting to that level of hunger after skipping out on a meal increases the chances of you falling off your plan and grabbing a less stellar option. 

Eating 3 meals a day also keeps your blood sugar levels more balanced which means energy levels stay consistent. No one likes that afternoon slump at work! It makes your day drag by much slower if you’re also fighting the afternoon urge to nap! Rememeber, food is fuel so making balanced meals a priority throughout our day is going to set you up for optimal performance in whatever you’re doing. Confused on exactly how to create those balanced meals? Keep it simple! Aim to have a protein, carbohydrate, and fat at every meal. Our body utilizes those different macronutrients for different reasons so its important to try to incorporate them at every meal. 

The next tip regarding 3 meals is to incorporate vegetables with at least 2 of them. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “eat the rainbow” and we agree! Eating a diet full of different vegetables helps get all those health promoting vitamins and minerals in your system. Vegetables are also relatively low calorie so by including them at each meal, you’re not only filling up on nutrient dense goodness but can fill up on them while still keeping your calories low. We’ve found that eating your vegetables first helps fill you up and lowers the chances of you wanting to grab that extra serving of maybe a not so healthy choice. 

Depending on your activity level, biofeedback measures, and your schedule we know that sometimes eating 5 smaller meals a day is more beneficial to the individual. Or 3 bigger meals with two snacks throughout the day. It really depends on each person but we do know without a doubt, that if you’re not eating 3 solid meals a day right now, this is a great starting point for you to start living a healthier life! See, not so scary, right? This week we challenge you to make sure you’re eating at least 3 quality meals throughout your day, aiming to include a protein/fat/carb at each meal and also incorporating veggies in at least 2 of those meals. 

We will get more in detail tonight on the facebook live so if you have further questions or just want to learn more, you don’t want to miss it! Make sure you have ‘liked’ our page on Facebook, Flex Fuel, and tune in tonight at 7 to watch! We’re super excited about this and we want as many people included in this challenge as possible so tell your friends and family membes to tune is as well! 


Talk to you guys tonight!