Tough time limiting the chips and cookies? Here’s why!

We’re big advocates at Flex Fuel for getting to enjoy the foods you love.

Cutting out your food favorites is usually unsustainable and can lead to binging on them later. The problem you may be experiencing when you eat those “junk food” type items is that its so darn hard to put them down after you’ve had your planned serving. For me, kettle corn is one of those culprits. That sweet and salty combo is one that’s really hard to resist once I’ve started and suddenly I’ve eaten half the bag (we’re talking Costco size) and have a lingering gut ache. Sound familiar? I wanted to share why its so easy to over do it so you can have a better game plan the next time you’re enjoying your favorite foods!


First of all…the companies that market foods typically use buzzwords that make it seem healthy and they usually combine those descriptions with some kind of self care need like “You need a break!” or “You earned it!”

I’m sure you’ve seen these buzz words on some of your favorite treats:

  • Gluten free
  • Organic 
  • Vegan

In reality though there is usually very little to no difference between the conventional treat and the organic one (think Justin’s peanut butter cups).

Outside of the grocery store, many fast food restaurants convince use that we’re getting a great deal. McDonald’s has FREE FRIES Friday that comes with any $1 dollar purchase. I’ve seen several commercials on tv for other fast food restaurants advertising 4 items for $5 bucks. Who doesn’t love a good deal? The problem is, we end up ordering way more than we initially wanted which means more calories as well.

With those options comes a ton of variety too! Different tastes create more of a craving and appetite. Think about it, when you sit down to eat a bowl full of strawberries it’s much easier to stop when you’re satisfied vs. sitting down to eat a combo meal or chex mix when the flavors and textures are all different. Many “junk food” type items are hyperpalatable. Meaning, they taste really fricken good because they’re usually made up of salt, sugar and fat….a combo that creates a party in your mouth. That first bite is delicious and melts in your mouth which makes these types of foods pretty irresistible.

Now that you know why these types of foods are so easy to overeat, let’s chat some strategies on how to strengthen your skills managing them.

Start by looking through your pantry. How many junk food type items can you find that are marketed as health foods? How many items are packaged in bright and eye popping colors that have self care slogans that pull you in? Check out the nutrition label….what value is it really bringing to your health journey? Its okay if you have some of those things in your home, just make sure you’re not getting fooled by something you thought was a healthy choice but really has the nutritional value of a poptart.

Next, look for patterns in  your habits around those types of foods. Many times we can look to those types of foods based off a current trigger such as:

  • Time of day
  • Social setting
  • Feeling/emotion
  • Specific place you’re at
  • Thought pattern

When you catch yourself having the urge to overeat based off one of those triggers, ask yourself:

  1. What am I feeling?
  2. What time is it?
  3. Where am I?
  4. Who am I with?
  5. What thoughts am I having?

Digging deep and reflecting your emotions/triggers in these situations can really help you understand them better in the future and be more aware of them.

If you find that you’re someone who’s triggers lead you to overeating or eating things that don’t even make you feel good, start replacing that habit pattern with something positive.

  • Reading.
  • Listening to music or a good podcast.
  • Go on a walk.
  • Get a massage or pedicure.
  • Exercise or go find an outdoor activity to do (like paddle boarding, hiking or riding a bike).
  • Do some yoga.
  • Journal.
  • Start a new fun hobby.

Finding positive ways to change that old pattern will boost your serotonin and oxytocin, both of which calm down your stress response and aid in a more positive feeling of wellbeing.

Maybe you’ve done all those things and you still have foods you find that are so tough to resist.

Focus on quality over quantity. There is room in your diet to enjoy those foods you really love but make sure you’re incorporating the good stuff first. If you focus on eating more nutrient dense foods (such a protein, fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts) you’ll find that you’re way more satiated. The over processed, packaged stuff that tastes so good lacks a lot of nutritional value so its much easier to eat in large quantities because it doesn’t give you that “full” feeling the more nutrient dense foods do. I personally love the 85/15% rule. 85% of my foods throughout the day are nutrient dense, full of color and mainly whole food sources, the other 15% I allow for the sweet treats. By focusing on the nutrient dense foods *most* of the time, I feel way more in control when allowing the less nutrient dense foods.

If you’re trying to improve your nutrition for whatever reason…weight loss or overall health…making small changes to your current habits is always the best route to go.

Find what triggers are the biggest set backs for you and start there. For example, maybe you love getting fast food for lunch every day but you’re ordering the large size of everything you get. Start by making a sustainable change like opting for a smaller size or swapping out the fries for an apple. Another sustainable goal might be taking that 5x per week trip down to 2x-3x per week.

Perhaps fast food isn’t your trigger but happy hour is. Instead of swearing it off altogether, limit the days you allow for happy hour OR limit the drinks you’re having. Instead of having 4 IPA’s, try cutting back to 2. With nutrition, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach but by focusing on incorporating more of the nutrient dense foods in  your diet and by making small tweaks to your current habits, you’ll be way more successful in sticking with the new plan.

Still struggling with old patterns surrounding your nutrition? Perhaps its time to work with a coach! We’ve been helping thousands of people over the years lock down sustainable habits that they carry out long after their time with us. We’re always happy to chat! Hit the ‘Apply for coaching’ tab at the top of our website and fill out a form, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Cheers to the best version of you!


reminder: you can do hard things

Habit stacking is the MVP for progress!

We’re pro’s at creating goals. Its easy to toss around statements like “I want to lose 20 lbs.” or “I want to workout more” or “I need to eat better” but a lot of the time those goals fall short because

  1. We aren’t specific enough on what those blanket statements even mean.
  2. We don’t have any real game plan on how to make that happen.
  3. We start out with something too extreme and fall into the ‘all or nothing’ mindset that typically leads to failure.


So, lets dissect those issues and lock down a method that actually works so this year can be the year for real change.


The first reason, you’re not getting specific enough with your goals. Throwing around the goal of “I want to lose weight” doesn’t hit your pain point. We connect with pain points more because it touches the deepest part of our insecurities. They bring up struggles we’ve had that we’re tired of dealing with. They show us where we’ve been, where we don’t want to be any longer and where we want to go. You have to get super specific when setting your goals so start with your goal and then break it down using these questions, grab a pen and lets get started!

What is my goal?

When I think of that version of myself, what habits is that version of me doing daily that Im not doing now?

How long do I want to give myself to achieve this?

What will I feel like when I achieve this goal?

What emotions will that bring?

How will my life be positively impacted if I achieve this goal?

What happens/how will I feel if I DON’T make these changes? What will my life feel like in a year staying on the path I’m on?


Seems like a lot to go over right? It should! The more detailed we get about these goals and the more real we can get with ourselves when we’re establishing them, the more successful we’ll be in going over them. When you know how your life can change and how you’ll feel if it doesn’t, it makes the stakes way higher. Make sure to write down those questions above or take a screen shot so you have then saved somewhere!

The second reason we aren’t super successful, we have no real game plan! We can set goals all day long but until you get really nitty gritty on the HOW, that goal is just a daydream.

Again, envision the version of you at your highest self. What is she doing on the daily? What is she eating? What do her workouts look like? What is she doing for self care?

Make a “pros and cons” list. Starting mapping out the habits that you need MORE of in your life under the pros. Under the cons list, write down current habits that aren’t serving your highest good. This will help  you get a really clear idea of what you’re doing daily that is holding you back and what habits under the cons list need to be swapped out with a habit from the pros list.

Once you know what habits you need more of, what are you going to change in your current life to make that happen?

Lets say under the ‘Cons’ side you have sleeping in and under the ‘Pros’ side you have workout more.

Alright, so thats a clear swap. To make that goal of working out more happen, you’re going to start waking up 30 minutes earlier and do a home workout in your living room. Or maybe you’re going to get up 30 minutes earlier and go for a morning walk. It doesn’t have to be a huge shift, start with something sustainable.

Thats where habit stacking comes into play! Habit stacking is taking one thing that you already do daily and adding the new habit you want to do on to the previous one. For example, lets say you want to drink more water. Your current habit is that you eat 3 meals a day so the habit stack would be that now with each meal you have to drink a 20 oz glass of water with your meal. Or lets say your goal is to start taking your vitamins more regularly. Each morning you already drink a cup of coffee so the habit stack is that you’re going to focus on taking your vitamins BEFORE you get to take a sip of coffee. When we can attach new habits to already existing ones, we tend to be way more successful.

Which leads me to reason #3, we pick habits that are too drastic and unsustainable. If you’re losing weight because you’re following some extreme diet or habit but its not something you will be able to continue long term, that’s going to backfire on you and you’re going to be right back where you started 6 months down the road.

SMALL SUSTAINABLE CHANGES, even if progress feels sluggish and slow in the beginning will always trump some extreme change that at first brings big results but isn’t realistic. You mapped out the undesirable habits you have right now that aren’t supporting your goals, you got really clear on why this goal is important to you so now you just need to start implementing those small shifts to your daily habits to start moving you in the right direction.

Don’t discredit the small stuff. In a study done by Precision Nutrition with over a million data points and 1000 thousand clients tested, they found that just staying consistent with habits just 50% of the time still lost weight over the year! Small efforts are not a waste of time and you don’t need perfection to get results. I’ll link that study below so you can read more in depth about it, its super interesting!


>>Precision Nutrition study on small efforts still yielding big change<<


I hope you found this blog post useful! We have the power to turn our life around at any given moment, you are NOT stuck in your current situation. Maybe you’ve tried in the past and failed but that doesn’t mean your next attempt has to be a failure. Get clear on your goals, get clear on your why, determine what needs to change for you to be that version of yourself and then start implementing those habits one small change at a time.

If you feel overwhelmed doing this, maybe its time to work with a coach! We help you every step of the way so that you can establish habits that actually work for YOU. If you want to talk to us and see if coaching is a good fit for you, you can book a call using the link before. There is never an obligation to sign up so it doesn’t hurt to see if its a good fit!

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Happy goal setting!

With love,


What comes next in your fail proof plan to healthier living?

Healthy habits are built through consistency. If we repeatedly try to do something and make it a focus each day, eventually it will become a habit. We know for a lot of people, the all or nothing mindset kicks in when it comes to dieting but usually that ends up in failure. Its too many drastic changes, all at once that leave you feeling overwhelmed. We started this challenge because we wanted to simplify nutrition. We wanted to start by creating one habit at a time and building upon that habit each week. We wanted to create a plan that would help you guys sort through a lot of the bullsh*t floating around in the diet world. In case you missed the challenge, here are the habits we focused on for the last four weeks, you can click the links to read the full post. 


*Week one: 3 balanced meals a day. Try to incorporate vegetables at two of those meals. 


*Week two: Water intake and sleep.


*Week three: Try to reduce/eliminate processed foods and sugar.


*Week four: Start tracking your food, create a food log and why nutritional periodization is SO important.

Those were simple enough, right? They may seem like small changes but believe us, those small changes add up to huge reward. Your nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated but there is so much information, where do you start? YOU START HERE. With coaches who are passionate about health and every single person we get the opportunity to work with. Look, we get it. Its hard to create change that sticks around. Thats why accountability is SO important while you’re laying the foundation for your future. We believe education is key and through working with our clients, we strive to eliminate a lot of that confusion that the dieting world creates. We can face your challenges together and we will come up with strategies to help you conquer those mountains. 


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We look forward to working with you!


Mallory and Katy, 

Flex Fuel Nutrition