Eat This or That Part 1: Eating for Volume

When you’re in the process of cutting, some nights you’ll eat dinner and feel completely happy and go to bed. Other nights you may feel like a bottomless pit and consider eating the entire bag of candy corn. It calls my name from the kitchen drawer and its a problem. There are so many memes out there that joke about how awful candy corn is and it usually involves throwing it in the trash. I don’t understand this because it is literally the candy equivalent of crack for me. I can fit them into my daily macros but I don’t do it very often because one serving of candy corn is gone really quick. Its almost like I black out when eating them and wake up with 1 piece left. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth? When I’m cutting I try and keep things like candy corn out of my diet and try to fill my meals with more volume.

When you’re on a cut, I’m sure you’ve heard myself or Katy talk about eating for volume. Looking over your food log I bet you can find one or two items that are pretty calorie dense. Sure, eating that piece of toast at breakfast or snacking on that handful of m&m’s after lunch may not seem like a lot, but when you’re cutting, swapping out those items for foods that are higher in volume for the same amount of macros is probably the smarter choice.

 A lot of attention has been focused on flexible eating and “IIFYM” because it allows you to indulge and have those treats that you swore off for so long. Yes, flexible eating allows for treats but if we fill our daily diet with calorie dense foods, you’re going to be left hungry and wanting more. Since Halloween is a week away, I figured I would show you some examples of a couple halloween treats that you can fit within your daily macros, but if you’re really feeling hungry, try swapping them out for these higher volume options instead! 

Eat this or that:


    • 1 serving size of candy corn


0 fat/0 protein/35 carbs



    •  5 oz of strawberries


    •  1 graham cracker


    •  8 tablespoons of non fat whip cream


1.5 fat/1 protein/32.1 carbs



    • 1 snack size pumpkin snickers


 9 fat/ 2 protein/ 18 carbs  



    • 99 grams of honey crisp apple


    • 1 TBL of peanut butter                                                                                                                                                 


8.5 fat/ 3.5 protein/ 18 carbs


If you’re someone who tends to go for salty snacks like chips, here’s another example of what you could grab instead that is higher volume yet still satisfies that salty crunch! 


    • Lunch size snack bag of nacho doritos  


8 fat/ 2 protein/ 16 carbs



    • 2.5 oz non fat greek yogurt


    • 1 serving of ranch dip mix


    • 3 oz peppers


    • 215 grams of cucumber


.5 fat/ 9.5 protein/ 13 carbs


I hope that you can find this post useful and these examples show you a clear example of what we mean when we say eat for volume. If you have a candy corn addiction like myself, we only have one more week of torture my friends, we can get through it :) 

With love,