The Crossfit Open 2018- What Are Your Goals And Is Your Nutrition In Line With Them?

If you are like most of us, you want to participate, see how far you can push yourself each week and challenge yourself so that you can see how far you have come in your fitness this year. Even if you aren’t advancing past the Open, it’s crucial you are fueling and recovering properly!

A Few things to AVOID:


Now is NOT the time to try and “lean down” or lose those couple extra pounds! All this will do is deplete energy and under recover you! If you are periodizing your nutrition properly, you should have already gone through the phase in order to achieve those “leaner” results and should now be ramping up to kill it in the Open.

Now is NOT the time to “clean up” your diet, this will usually result in cutting down on calories which will result in suddenly being underfueled during the most intense 5 weeks of the year! 

Now IS NOT the time to try new supplements, foods or nutrition protocols. Although in the long run some of those changes could ultimately be a good thing, changing things up can take your body some adjusting and could temporarily make you feel less-than-ideal during performance. 

A few things you SHOULD do:

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You SHOULD prioritze your fuel. The days leading up to your workout are going to set you up for success. Make sure you are getting appropriate calories and macronutrient balance so you can perform your best! There is a common misconception that during the Open you should lean down, therefore cut back on calories, but the days and weeks leading up to it should be a time where you are feeding your body the fuel it needs to perform at it’s peak (unless of coarse you are peaking for Regionals or the Games), this means more food is actually needed, especially in the form of carbs!

You SHOULD prioritize your recovery. Crossfit is a glycolitic sport, which means it’s fueled by carbs. When we go 110% in Open workouts, we are depleting glycogen, spiking cortisol and it is crucial we replenish those stores and bring the stress on our body back down. Making sure you have a proper post workout shake and/or post workout meal is crucial for recovery. The days following are important to make sure recovery continues, more calories may be needed then as well. If you are redoing workouts, achieving proper fuel and recovery can be even more challenging, so making sure you are taking the proper steps will ensure longevity over 5 weeks. Each time you do a workout, you go deeper into a recovery dept, don’t set yourself back each week by skipping proper post workout protocol! 

You SHOULD priotize sleep and water intake. It all comes back to recovery! If sleep isn’t solid then recovery won’t be optimized, if recovery isnt optimized than there will be increased stress on the body. This can do some nasty things to your body over 5 weeks of all-out workouts. Water will help with hydration, muscle sorenss and energy levels.

You SHOULD have fun! This time of year should be fun. No matter what your score, remember what it’s all about! Testing your abilities, fitness and participating in the camaraderie in your gym and across the world is what makes the Open unique to any other sport. 


Your nutrition SHOULD be periodized througout the year and should set you up to head into the Open in an ideal place. If you are unsure of how to periodize your nutrition or how to make sure you are fueling and recovering properly for the Open, we are your girls! 



Contact us if you need guidance through the Open or if you want coaching on periodizing your nutrition going into the next season. Now is the time to care for your body and make sure you treat it right these next 5 weeks, then it’s time to set yourself up in an even better place in 2018!!


Wishing you all the fun in this Crossfit Open,



Athlete Interview- 4X Crossfit Master Games athlete Steve Angove

Steve has a full time career as a CPA, has 4 daughters, one son and 5 granddaughters with two more twin granddaughters on the way! He is one of the most kind, genuine people you will ever meet and we were lucky enough to sit down with him and talk with him about his journey!






 Check out Steve’s daughter Suzi’s site: an amazing site centered around organic living! Steve’s Son Dr. Matt Angove is a Naturopathic Doctor as well as founder of Elite Fuel Supplements! Check them out here:

Joye- Age 29




“By the time I started to work with Flex Fuel, I had been doing CrossFit for a year, completed 2 rounds of Whole30 and had transitioned to eating mostly paleo.  I was already down about 10 pounds from my highest weight, but I was frustrated because I felt like I had hit a plateau with both my performance and strength in the gym and lowering my body fat. I felt like no matter how healthy I ate, or how often I went to the gym, nothing was changing. I was convinced that it was just my genes, and it was impossible for me to have a lean body or get stronger.  It sounds so silly saying that now!  How wrong I was!  Immediately after working with Coach Katy, I noticed how different my food types and portions needed to be to meet my target macros, and how much faster I was noticing improvements in the gym.  I knew immediately I needed to continue this route so that I could learn more and have someone to hold me accountable and support me if I ever started to feel frustrated again.  Fast forward to nearly a year of working with Katy and Flex Fuel.  While I have not been perfect every day, I have tried to be patient and consistent.  Not only have I PR’d everything you can think of in the gym, but I have been able to fuel myself properly for everything I love outside of the gym, such as backpacking and climbing mountains.  Some of my biggest accomplishments this summer include summiting Mount Whitney, completing a 30+ mile backpacking trip, finishing the Tough Mudder race, and competing in 4 CrossFit competitions. Katy helped me through all of these milestones by teaching me how to fuel my body so that I can feel sustained and recover properly.  I will have those memories forever, and I have Flex Fuel to thank for helping me succeed.”


Thank you for choosing Flex Fuel Joye! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you, we can’t wait to see what the future holds!



7 Quick and Effective Travel Workouts!



For Time: 

100 Burpees

200 Situps

300 Air Squats



10 Rounds:

10 Burpees

10 Jumping Jacks

10 Mountain climbers

10 Lunges



On the Minute for 16 Minutes:

Sprint 100m

5 Pushups



Tabata each movement (8 Rounds 20 sec on, 10 sec rest)

Static Plank with Shoulder taps

Jump squats

Hollow Rocks

Double Unders (or single jumps!)



For Time:

200 Burpees ( yes, I did this!)



3-5 Mile walk or run, at each mile do 50 air squats



10 Min Amrap:

5 dips (off of a chair or table)

10 Leg raises

15 tuck jumps




Staying Fueled, Recovering Well and Having Fun in the 2017 Crossfit Open


 We spend all year training, building up to this season, preparing to test ourselves and how far we have come in our fitness. The moment of truth. The Open runs for 5 weeks, with each workout announced on Thursdays. You have from Thursday until Monday to complete each workout and submit your score online. 

Some athletes will do the Open in hopes to get to the next step, Regionals and then for few, the Games. Others will do it solely to compete against themselves, to push themselves and see how much they have improved in a years time and some will do it because someone in their gym talked to them into it and they have no idea what they’re in for, but here goes nothing. 

Regardless of your reason, these 5 workouts are usually 5 workouts you won’t forget. Knowing that you are a part of something that all Crossfitters across the world are participating in and pushing for your best score on the leaderboard  usually makes for 5 workouts you push harder than ever in. It may seem like it’s “just another workout” but your gym will most likely be building it’s programming around these workouts. You will take it to another level of intensity in this time and it is key to fuel your body well, make sure you are recovering properly and most of all making sure you stay in a good mental state by having fun!!!

I wanted to throw out some main tips that come to mind when I think of the Open. This is my 6th year participating and I have learned a few things over time that I hope will benefit you and help you in the next 5 weeks in one way or another! 

Disclaimer: Now is not the time to scramble to lose weight, drastically change habits or your diet, and it is definately too late to pack on some last minute muscle! However, there are little things you can do to be the best version of you-right-now! 


We all know those times we feel best working out. I personally feel my best working out about 9am and my worst super early morning or late nights. Do your best to map out your schedule for the next 5 weeks and if at all possible, do your Open workouts during your prime time. However, if your body is accustomed to always working out at 5 or 6am and that’s the only time you can do it, by all means, do it then! You know your body, listen to what it’s telling you. 


Like I said above, now is not the time to drastically change anything with your diet. If you feel like you need to lean down, now is not the time to cut, sorry charlie, it’s too late for that! Likewise, if you feel like you need to get stronger, it is also a little too late for that! What you can do right now is focus on fueling your body through quality foods and timing your meals well. There is no harm in cleaning up your diet a little more and making sure you are getting high quality foods. After your workout make sure you are getting your protein shake and a high quality, balanced meal shortly after. This goes for the ENTIRE week. What you put in your body through the week leading up to the Open WOD will largley affect your performance on the day of. Make wise choices! If you need help in detail on what types of foods you should be eating and when, reach out to your Flex Fuel coach and if you don’t have one, you should get one!


Two key ingredients to top performance that can so often be overlooked but are SO crucial! Again, these aren’t two things you can cram in last minute. Make sure you are making the time to get proper rest and carry that water bottle with you wherever you go!! 


Yes, this is the time to push yourself, hopefully surprise yourself with some PR’s and have some healthy competition in your gym. As an athlete you should go into each workout with a plan- a plan that should be discussed ahead of time with your coach and will set you up for success and build confidence going into it. It is just like any other workout, all movements you are familiar with, so now is not the time to go crazy and do something totally off your radar. Of coarse, push yourself and expect to go above and beyond, but in a smart way! Don’t go by Betsy-Jo’s plan for the workout that is catering to her and her strengths, go by yours and you will exceed your expectations! The Open in prime time to focus on pushing yourself to be the best version of YOU, while using others around you as a healthy push. 


There are for sure mixed opinions about this one, but this is my take from my personal experience. There was a time where im pretty sure I did almost all of them 3 times each. So stupid. So painful. Pretty much pointless by attempt 3. These workouts are intense and you will be pushing your body to the max. You only have a little over 3 full days to get them done and if you are pushing at 110% in that workout that is hardly time to recover fully and do it a second time at 110%. If you can do it one and done, I think that is great. Go into to it knowing your game plan and go balls to the walls. Something mentally happens if you know you are going to give it another attempt, I think if you go in thinking that is your one shot, you will give it your all like it’s your one shot. However, I know the temptation of doing it a second time in hopes of improving. If you are a two-timer I suggest doing it once to test your game plan, feel it out and know that second time you are going in even more prepared and that is your “balls to the walls” attempt. Again, in my opinion, anything over 2 attempts is silly. If you truly gave it your all on that first or second attempt it is going to be hard to recover from that and achieve a score on your third attempt that is going to be worth it. Usually a few extra reps is not worth wrecking your body for the rest of the week just to do it all over again the next week. 


I am totally guilty of letting the pressure of the leaderboard, of competitiveness and what others are doing around me affect my experience in the Open. Don’t do this! I encourage you to do a little self-reflection before it all starts. Take a step back and review this past year. Have you had some ups and downs? Victories and setbacks? Injuries? Mental growth? Physical growth? What are you proud of? What do you want to get out of the Open this year? Of coarse we all want the best score possible, we all want to be able to do all the movements they announce and there will inevitably be that dreaded movement you do not want to see. That is the beauty of this process. The unknown and unknowable to test our fitness and make us squirm and be a little uncomfortable. Embrace it all and know what you want out of these 5 weeks and enjoy all the challenges and successes it brings. HAVE FUN WITH IT!!

I encourage everyone to sign up. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you are where you should be or if you aren’t trying to make it to Regionals. It’s about your journey, the ups and the downs and testing yourself where you are right now. Jump in with two feet and soak up the experience- you won’t regret it!!

I can’t wait to hear all about it! Please comment on this blog throughout the Open and let me know about your experience!