Setting goals that actually stick, part 2 of 3.

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This week, we are shifting from ‘avoid or off limits’ goals, to focusing more on the things you can have.

Its human nature to want something once you’ve deemed it off limits…..

“I won’t eat any sugar” 

“I’m going to stop smoking” 

“I’m going to stop eating junk food” 

The problem with goals like this is that we tend to put up resistance. As soon as you make it forbidden and demand change, your wheels start turning and you’re already thinking of ways to fight against it. 

Thats when the excuses pour in and we start justifying why we couldn’t follow through. 

Plus, when we set those hard boundaries, any kind of slip up makes us feel like a failure. I have a secret to tell you, THERE ARE GOING TO BE SLIP UPS. But they don’t make you a failure or define your journey, unless you let them. 

So part of 2 of this series is changing those “off limits” goals into approach goals. Approach goals focus on the positive and the things we can do for ourselves that benefit us. It focuses on the positive rather than the things we cant or shouldnt have. 

For example: 

If your goal is to stop drinking soda. Instead of saying “I will never drink soda again”, shift that focus to “I will drink 80 oz of water each day.” 

If your goal is to stop eating sugar. Instead of saying “Im cutting out all sugar”, turn that dialect into “I will eat a serving of veggies at every meal and have fruit on hand for snacks.” 

Or, “I won’t sit as much on the weekends”….turn this into an approach goal of “I will walk 30 minutes every day.”


Do you see the pattern? Instead of focusing on the things you need to quit, or stop doing, or that have the negative underlying tone to them, focus on the things you can put into place that are positive and focus on the goods things that you can do for yourself! 


How can you start setting goals to smash in 2019? 

First, start by writing down a bad habit you’re wanting to break. 

Next, write down a good habit to replace that bad habit.

                            For example: If your bad habit is that you only get 4-5 hours of sleep a night. Your good habit that you want to focus on is that you get 7 hours of sleep a night. 

Now that you have that set, figure out an approach goal that supports your new good habit. 

                            I want to get 7 hours of sleep a night. I will start going to bed at 9:30. 

 And lastly, write down how this is going to benefit you! I think we all are pro’s at setting goals but we forget our ‘why’. When you don’t have a clear idea of how this is benefitting your greater good, its easy to lose steam on the goal and stop working towards it. 


Lets make 2019 the year of smashing new goals! Next week, part 3 of this series will drop! Make sure to stay tuned. 


Merry Christmas! 





Setting goals that actually stick, part 1 of 3.

Not your average goal setters.png

Some people eye roll at the thought of New Year’s resolutions but we won’t pass up an opportunity to reflect on the year past and plan for the year ahead. To us, its a great time to think about some new goals that you want to slay in 2019 and get specific. The problem isn’t with the desire of setting new goals but maybe the actual reason people fail their new goals so often is beacuse of their goal strategy. I’m going to show you a new way to nail down your goals so that 2019 can be  your best year yet! 


Some of the common outcome goals we hear are: 

“I want to lose weight”

“I want to be thinner” 

I want to fit into my pre pregnancy clothes” 

“I want to get stronger!”

“I want to focus on performance gains in my gym” 


All of those goals are great but we aren’t always in control of the outcome. Outcome goals can be affected by environmental things like 

– A change in your shift at work

– Your kid gets sick

– Your gym has an unexpected closure


Those outcome goals can also be influenced by physical things like:

– An injury in the gym

– Hormones being a little off

– A chronic illness like an autoimmune disease

– High stress at work

– Travel

-Sleep disruptions


All of those things above can play a big part in your success towards your outcome goal and its not always the outcome you want. Instead of focusing on outcome goals, focus on behavior goals. 

What can you do to move you towards that outcome goal? I’ll show you what I mean, 

Someone comes to us with a body fat loss goal. Okay, great! What can we focus on to help to move towards that goal instead of focusing on the outcome itself?

Well to start, we can focus on: 

-Eating quality nutrient dense whole foods. 

-Getting your water intake every day

-Aiming to eat a vegetable at 2 of your meals 

-Focusing on fiber and high fiber foods


Do you see the difference there? By establishing behavior goals, you are much more likely to move towards your overall outcome goal than if you had just fixated on the outcome itself. Next time you have an outcome goal, write it down. Then write down a few skills that you need in order to achieve that goal. Under those skills, write 1-2 behaviors that you can do today to help build those skills. Then repeat every day. Your chances of success just doubled in that simple act itself. 


There are two other parts to this 3 part series but today, we’ll just start with this one. Next week, we’ll be dropping part two and the week following, part 3! We are getting you set up just in time for the New Year so this week, we ask you to take some time and get specific on your goals. 


What outcome do you want? 


What skills does it take to achieve that outcome? 


What BEHAVIORS can you put into practice to help strengthen that skill? ( This is where we want our focus!)


We would love to hear what you come up with! Leave a comment below or email us at 

Lets make 2019 the best year yet!

With love,



Holiday Travel Essentials

This time of year is one of the busiest times for travel. People are traveling home to see family or taking trips to escape the winter and it can feel like every weekend you are jetting off somwhere. Don’t get us wrong, we like to celebrate the special moments but when it feels like you are traveling somewhere every weekend, progress can stall unless you stick to your tracking when you travel. Katy and I have been traveling all over the place this last year attending different business seminars and certifications so we thought it would be a great time to share with you, some of our must have’s when we travel! 


enlightenedTravel Food scale. We know that traveling usually means eating out a little more than normal but when you can have control over meals, its nice to have. 

enlightenedFreezer/zip lock seal bags. This makes packing snacks for day adventures super easy! 

enlightenedPersonal cooler. Last time Katy and I traveled, we were able to purchase pre-made meals that had the macros broken down for us. The small hotel room fridge doesn’t always fit what you need so having an extra little cooler can be helpful. Lake days, beach days or ski days…a cooler is an easy way to pack a lunch and keep it cool. 

enlightened Small travel containers. I don’t leave the house without them! Before leaving for any trip, I measure out my protein powder and collagen into small travel size containers for easy access. 

enlightenedWater bottle and shaker cup. I always bring my Hydroflask and my shaker cup. In hotel rooms, its easy to mix my protein and greens in my shaker cup to drink before heading out for the day. 

enlightenedUtensils! I try to grab a fork, spoon and knife from one of the vendors at the airport when flying so I can eat any snacks I want in my room. If I’m just traveling for the day, I’ll pack some from home to reduce waste.

enlightenedYour favorite snacks. We ALWAYS make a stop at the grocery store when we get to our destination to stock up on some staple items we need but if I can pack something from home, I will. Things like peanut butter, protein powder, collagen, jerky, protein bars, and oatmeal are easy things to pack and save you a few dollars from having to buy it once you’re there. 


By packing some of your most used items, it can save the hassle and money of having to buy it all once you’re at your destination. We hope your holiday season is a great one! If you aren’t sure how to tackle your personal nutrition, we are happy to help! Email us at and we would love to chat! 


With love,


How to NOT track on Thanksgiving

Our advice onHoliday Tracking.png

In older blog posts we have created ways to tackle the holidays WHILE tracking and I’ll link that below if you feel like you really dont want to mess with the mojo you’ve got going on but trust me when I say, taking a break for the day isn’t going to erase all if the hard work you’ve been putting in. I’m sure you’ve heard us use the word ‘consistency’ a time or two….or fifty and all of those times that you can be consistent and in control of what you eat allows for you to have more flexbilty on these days. 


People say they put on a lot of their weight during the holiday season but that isn’t because they enjoyed ONE meal untracked. Usually its because they also indulged in the holiday work parties, happy hours, and multiple Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners through the months of November and December. If  you do that, its likely that you’ll be ringing in the New Year not feeling your best. Pick your day to celebrate and stick to that. If your family celebrates on Thanksgiving, great! Indulge a little that day and get back on track the next day. If Thanksgiving isn’t the challenging one but black Friday is, then choose that day as your day to be a little more lax but get back on track the following day. If you turn the entire month of November and December into a feast, thats when progress starts to backslide. 


Also, taking a day off from weighing/tracking your food doesnt give you permission to eat like a total assh*le. Don’t use this day to eat everything you lay your eyes on…we aren’t telling you to eat every piece of pie off the dessert table and 3 servings worth of your Grandma’s homemade macaroni and cheese. Be sensible and practice moderation. If you want to sample all the entrees, take smaller portions. One big suggestion we have, STOP WHEN YOU ARE FULLwink How often do you hear someone at your Thanksgiving dinner complain about feeling sick because they’re so full? Thats not a fun way to end the night so take a moment, listen to your body and stop when you are full. Remember, this isn’t the last time you’re ever going to be able to enjoy these things so you don’t need to act as if you’ll never be able to eat them again. You have freedom and flexibility in tracking so you don’t need to try and fit everything into one meal, you aren’t swearing it off forever, remember, we don’t believe in strict meal plans. 


Some things you can take control of to make Thanksgiving fun, enjoyable but also keep you feeling good? Focus on water! We get busy visiting with family/friends and we forget to stay hydrated. Start your day with a big glass and make sure to stay on top of your water consumption, set a reminder on your phone if you need to. Get your greens in! Micronutrients are important in our diet and with all the carb and fat heavy dishes that day, its a good idea to look for greens and try to get a couple of servings in. An easy way I tackle this is to bring my greens! Everyone in our family brings a dish and mine is usually some kind of roasted veggie or big dinner salad. If you think options will be limited, be the one who brings it. Focus on protein! Its the most important macronutrient and keeps you feeling full longer. When you’re dishing up your plate look for your protein first, then greens, then fill in the rest with something delicious you’ve been eyeballing. Focusing on protein first may just help you from going for round 2 or 3 in the meal department. 


Lastly, enjoy your time with your family! When we are old and looking back on life, we are going to remember the memories made not whether we hit our macros or not. Things can change in a flash so appreciate the time spent with your loved ones and stay off your phone for a day. 


Hope you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! 

With love, 




Kelly found out first hand what it meant to have food freedom!

Its hard to commit to a plan when you don’t understand the ‘whys’ behind the process so it is our mission at Flex Fuel Nutriton to educate our members as much as possible of the ‘why’. We build healthy habits that ultimately start to shift old mindsets about dieting and show you that you can reach your goals while having food freedom.

Kelly has worked her butt off the last 8 months to get to where she is today, she’s down 35 lbs and we wanted to share her amazing journey thus far! See what she has to say, below:

How long you’ve been tracking with Flex Fuel?

I started tracking with Flex Fuel in February 2018.  I took my first photos at the end of January 2018. I had already lost a little weight since Christmas, but it wasn’t working for me.  I was hungry and miserable.


What was your initial goal signing up with Flex Fuel Nutrition?

I think my goals have changed while being in this program.   One of my goals was to feel more self-confident, increase strength, and lets be honest I really wanted to lose fat.  I remember telling myself I don’t care if my weight stays the exact same I want the fat gone. I was tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the extra fat weight.  


How has your experience with our program been so far?

I have always been skeptical about nutrition programs thinking I would starve because whenever I have tried to loose weight on my own I am always hungry or I can never enjoy a treat without feeling guilty!!! Flex Fuel is completely different.  I feel fueled to make it through the day and not hungry. Macros have completely changed the way I look at food. I don’t look at food as the enemy but what fuels my body to get the best performance. Plus I still get to enjoy a treat and don’t feel guilty.  Flex Fuel has taught be to focus on healthy foods and balance between Carbs, Proteins, and Fats.


What has been your biggest triumph while doing this program?

I think the biggest triumph for me during this program has been my gain in self-confidence.  I used to have a very negative outlook on myself. I was embarrassed of myself, I was embarrassed to go home and see family, or post pictures on social media due to being afraid of what other people would say.  When I wake up in the morning now and see myself in the mirror I am proud of who I see and know that I have worked hard to be where I am and the strength I have gained on the outside and within.


Kelly we are so excited to be on this journey with you!! Thank you for putting your faith in our program and giving this journey full dedication!


 Kelly will be reverse dieting soon to get her intake closer to maintenance calories and out of the deficit she’s in right now. Nutritional periodization is SO important. If you are working with a coach who has you in a never ending cut, we’re happy to chat with you and explain the different seasons of dieting. 




Week 6! This week, I’m sharing some of my favorite fall sweaters!


Francie, age 38, school teacher and one dedicated mama!


How long have you been tracking with Flex Fuel? I joined Flex Fuel in February 2018, 32 weeks ago. 


What was your goal in signing up with Flex Fuel Nutrition? I started at 153 pounds and my goal was 130. I also just wanted my clothes to fit better, to focus on my health, and have help with my hormonal “green monster” as I call it! 


What has been your experience while working with Flex Fuel Nutrition? My experience started by attending a seminar Flex Fuel had at Centralia Thorbeckes CrossFit Center in February. A co-worker of mine had been using Flex Fuel for while, and even as a fit athlete, I saw her body composition change. Also, as the barre instructor at Thorbeckes for three years, I saw several people at the gym whose bodies changed while on the program. This might make you think I am a gym buff, but I am far from it. In fact, I stepped down from teaching barre because I felt like I was missing out on family events even though I only taught it one night a week.  I went to see a naturopath a month before I stopped instructing barre to figure out my health. I felt tired all the time and worse yet, I felt like I had no patience. As a mother of two and a primary school teacher of 560, that is just not okay! While at the doctor’s, I had my first dose of reality. I stepped on the scale and weighed in at 157 pounds. I was 3 pounds away from how much I weighed when I was carrying my baby. I knew I had to do something. For too long, my mentality was I was “happy” (newly remarried and being treated to eating out) and that you only live once. My favorite quote was, “I bet the women on the Titanic wish they would have eaten their dessert first!” However, the day I realized all those burger, fries, milkshakes, and ice cream had caught up to me, I also remembered another quote I love, “You can’t out run your fork!” For years I was on my own roller-coaster of thinking “I’ll just up my activity and eat whatever I want.” I was slowly, but surely, gaining weight. However, I scoffed if I ever saw my family or friends on a “diet” and rolled my eyes when they ate like rabbits. Yuck, no thank you! I knew I didn’t want that. It doesn’t have to be like that, and that’s what I learned that day 8 months ago after listening to Katy and Mallory talk about their approach to nutrition. I came home and told my husband all about it. He was so supportive and said, “Do it!” I have been tracking my food for 8 solid months. Was it always easy? No. Has it been worth it? 100% yes! It was never hard, but I did go through phases of stressing out over how to meet my macro numbers or planning and re-planning out my day. In my experience, I know I could have had better results had I been more physically active, but this is the reason I’m doing Flex Fuel. I am a busy mom and I am no longer trying to outrun my fork.  Now, when I exercise, it’s because I want to be heart healthy. (And to be honest, I don’t belong to a gym or workout consistently.) With that being said, I’m also not perfect, nor do I want to be. I still eat out. I still enjoy the occasional drink, bowl of ice cream/cone, or slice of pizza! I love food and have never felt like I can’t have what I want once in awhile. (As long as it fits my macros!) Finally, I am at a place in my life where my health and nutrition come first. I am here to show others that you can be who you want to be! Health isn’t a number on the scale. It’s not the size of clothes we wear. Health is mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically getting yourself right. Thanks to Flex Fuel, I have been in control of my food choices and have had a great coach to help me in those other areas as well. She takes care of the WHOLE me. I have experienced some extremely stressful events in the past 8 months, but because I am in control of my food choices, it has made me feel in control over more areas of my life and feeling like, “I got this!” This is truly just the beginning!


What has been your biggest triumph so far? The day I saw “rib dimples” I was over the moon! I don’t workout much, so the fact my abdominals were starting to show up top, was amazing! I haven’t seen those suckers since my glory days of high school cheerleading! I also love the fact so many people have taken notice of my transformation. Although, I have to tell you, as someone who has never dieted or lost weight before, I have to remind myself what a compliment it is to have people comment on my weight loss instead of thinking, “Gee, what did I look like to you before!” 


We hope you’re insprired by Francie’s story to make that first step towards changing your life! It doesnt have to be extreme change, start small and start creating those healthy habits that are going to move you forward closer to your goals each day. Maybe having accountability is the piece of the puzzle you’ve been missing and we are here to help! If you’re curious about our program and how to apply for nutrition coachin with Flex Fuel Nutrition, email us at and we’re happy to chat! 





Week 5! Lack of progress on the scale..

Its easy to get caught up on the number on the scale and feel like there is no progress at all. Right now, I’m cutting and havent seen huge leaps and bounds on the scale. Click the video below to watch my week 5 journal entry and hear my thoughts about progress and the scale!


I’ve started to journal, here’s why!

Want to see the full video?