Sushi Burrito

Sushi Burrito
If you’re a sushi fan, you need to run as fast as you can to the store & get the ingredients to make these. They’re BOMB!! They were honestly just super fun to make, something different & very filling!!
🌱Sushi Nori (I bought 2 packs since I was feeding more than just me!)
🐟1 lb Ahi Tuna
🥕100g Raw Carrots, sliced
🥒100g Raw Cucumber, sliced
🍚2 Cups Rice, Cooked & Cooled
🍱1 Jar Kimchi
🥑1 Whole Avocado
🔥Sriracha or hot Sauce of choice
🍣Coconut Aminos
➕Cook rice according to directions, set aside & let cool.
➕Sliced up your veggies & Avocado.
➕Soak tuna chunks in coconut aminos.
➕Attach 2 nori strips together by wetting the ends
➕Start w/rice, then sauce, add veggies, avocado, then poke!
➕I used a sushi mat to roll up my burrito, wet the end to seal.
I also sautéed diced up chicken breast since 1 lb poke wasn’t enough to feed our appetite 😃 For one roll I used:
1/8 cup (going off uncooked weight) Rice, 25g carrots, 25g cucumber, 2 nori strips, 30g avocado, 1 oz kimchi, 3 oz poke & sriracha!
macros for 1 roll:
27C 5.5F 25P