Summertime chicken bacon salad!

I don’t know about you, but summer is my favorite season. I love that it’s light outside when my alarm goes off and late into the night. Along with the longer days comes the warmer weather. The kind that makes you want to grill everything you can and craving foods with a fresh crunch. This salad is about to be your new summer favorite! It has the flavor if a delicious BLT without overdoing it on the macros, this salad does NOT disappoint! I made one serving of this since I was just cooking for myself but this would be a great side dish to take to a summer BBQ or party.



5.5 oz grilled chicken

2 pieces of bacon (cooked and chopped) I used Applegate Farms brand

Romaine lettuce (I eyeballed this since I was just making one serving)

2.5 oz diced peppers (any color works)

28.5 grams of Banza brand chickpea pasta

1 TBL original Sweet Baby Ray’s bbq sauce

2 TBL Bolthouse Farms classic ranch


I first started boiling water for the chickpea pasta and threw that in once the water was boiling. As that boiled, I cooked my bacon first and then in the same pan with the bacon fat, cooked my diced chicken. I would normally use a BBQ to grill the chicken but #apartmentliving. While my chicken was cooking, I chopped up my romaine lettuce, peppers and bacon and tossed them in a big bowl. Once the chicken was cooked, I diced it into smaller pieces and added it to the bowl with the other ingredients. Once the pasta was soft, I rinsed under cold water, strained it and added it to the bowl. Add in the BBQ sauce and ranch and stir everything together. SO GOOD. SO EASY. I’m confident you guys won’t be disappointed!


Total macros for the above serving

34.3 carbs

11.2 fat

51.4 protein