Where the crawdads sing book

Bored? Here are some ways we are filling our time!

The social distancing restriction that is in place is a completely new lifestyle for many of you. Katy and I have been working from home for some time so that didn’t change for us but not having my normal outlets to rely on when I need to get out of my apartment has felt like a bit of a bummer. I’ve been lucky enough to stay busy with my clients but at the end of the day, I’m having that downtime just like everyone else and I’m trying to be super intentional with it rather than just binge watching tv every night. This quarantine has given me the perfect opportunity to catch up on some books I’ve been wanting to read, to dig deep into some creativity and projects that bring happiness into my day and to really reflect on what it is I want to focus on.


I thought what better way to help you than to share some of my favorite things that I’ve been reading or doing to occupy my time while we’re all practicing social distancing. Plus, we can always depend on good ol Amazon right now for most of our deliveries so I’m sticking with linking products you can actually purchase from there.


First on the list? A book I’ve been reading and loved!

My sister has been amazing through all of this and has been sending me the most amazing care packages! I truly am so lucky to have her. She’s the one who sent me this book about a young girl who overcomes so many hardships. I’m still reading it but so far, its one of my top favorites! If you’re ready to be inspired, you need this book, ‘Where the crawdads sing’.


Where the crawdads sing book


The book below has been a staple to my daily life for the last year, ‘The Daily Stoic’. It’s one page a day and most days I can really connect with the words written for that day. I love to start my day off by reading it first thing in the morning over my cup of coffee and reflecting on what Im getting from the passage that day. I’ve had a ton of people message me after posting pictures of that current days writing on my instagram story and they’ve went on to purchase it themselves and love it. I figured I would include that in this blog because its a book you can recycle year after year (PS. its a great gift idea too).

the daily stoic


Do you remember coloring as a child and loving it? Well guess what, coloring can take you back to those childhood days and its actually really therapeutic! Plus, its something fun to do with your kiddos. My sister sent me this adorable coloring book full of beautiful pictures of animals, scenery, forests and gardens. Its been something I’ve been spending about 30 minutes doing each night and LOVE it. Plus, it gets me away from staring at a screen which is an added bonus especially before bed. If you want to order one just like the one below, you can click HERE.


You’ll need some coloring pencils or markers for this! I have these ones :)

And these


I’m also a big fan of card games or board games! If you’re quarantined at home with family, these are a perfect way to pass the time!








We hope you’re finding ways to fill your time that bring happiness to your day! Have you taken up any new hobbies during this time? We would love to hear about them! Make sure to drop them below!