Shifting the mindset of wanting to be skinny to aiming for strength and health!

This is the type of Tuesday transformation I LOVE. When we can change old beliefs of needing to be skinnier, smaller, take up less space to being strong, bold, beautiful women, its an amazing thing! Bridget sent me this side by side yesterday saying how good she felt and and I knew I wanted to share what she said to me. I’ve been working with Bridget for a little under 4 months (yep, not a ton of time and its not always that fast for most people) and her progress is obvious. Everyone is different and the rate of your progress will be different BUT if you stay consistent, you’ll get there. I never want to promise a quick fix or extreme results because true progress sometimes just takes more time. Bridget is always very consistent with her macros, ending her days within a couple of grams of her targets. She stays on top of her workouts and is very clear and detailed with her check ins each week. If hunger is higher? She tells me. If energy levels have shifted? She tells me. This is because dieting to lose weight shouldn’t be you battling your hunger, energy, cravings every single day. It’s about finding the right balance of intake to help support you while getting results. Sure, there are going to be hunger cues when you’re eating in a deficit but if it’s something that is persistent and harder to ignore as time goes on, it’s usually a sign that we need to bump up intake a bit or add in a refeed.

Everyone’s journey looks a little different and that’s why working with a coach can be super helpful! We analyze and dig deep each week on how you’re feeling, your progress, and what your biofeedback looks like to help you know what is the best plan for you. The best thing I can hear as a coach is that I’ve been able to help a client shift their mindset about food. They no longer fear it and they are enjoying food freedom while feeling the best they have. Its pretty amazing. After Bridget sent me the side by side, I asked her if she would be willing to share her experience so far and this is what she had to say:

“My overall goal when starting with Flex Fuel was to lose weight, gain energy, and establish a new relationship with food. After seeing myself in photos from a family photo shoot, I had a hard realization that what I saw in the mirror wasn’t what it appeared. It took seeing photos of me being the heaviest I ever had, and finally coming to terms that my eating behaviors were not healthy. As I’ve progressed, my goals have expanded even more. Not only do I want to lose weight, but I want to be strong, fit, HEALTHY; and get there in a manner that is sustainable and long lasting. 

 I have 100% had a shift in mindset with how I look at food, portion sizing, and that carbs are actually good! When I started I didn’t realize how out of control my eating habits had become. I now have the knowledge and will power to make good choices and enjoy in indulgences, all while staying within my macros.

Ultimately, the things I have learned, the confidence I have gained, and the new relationship I have with food, has changed and will continue to change my life going forward. I’m grateful for the unwavering support and guidance I have received with Flex Fuel and know it was the absolute best investment I could have made in myself.”


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Way to go Bridget!!


Coach Mallory