Setting goals that actually stick, part 1 of 3.

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Some people eye roll at the thought of New Year’s resolutions but we won’t pass up an opportunity to reflect on the year past and plan for the year ahead. To us, its a great time to think about some new goals that you want to slay in 2019 and get specific. The problem isn’t with the desire of setting new goals but maybe the actual reason people fail their new goals so often is beacuse of their goal strategy. I’m going to show you a new way to nail down your goals so that 2019 can be  your best year yet! 


Some of the common outcome goals we hear are: 

“I want to lose weight”

“I want to be thinner” 

I want to fit into my pre pregnancy clothes” 

“I want to get stronger!”

“I want to focus on performance gains in my gym” 


All of those goals are great but we aren’t always in control of the outcome. Outcome goals can be affected by environmental things like 

– A change in your shift at work

– Your kid gets sick

– Your gym has an unexpected closure


Those outcome goals can also be influenced by physical things like:

– An injury in the gym

– Hormones being a little off

– A chronic illness like an autoimmune disease

– High stress at work

– Travel

-Sleep disruptions


All of those things above can play a big part in your success towards your outcome goal and its not always the outcome you want. Instead of focusing on outcome goals, focus on behavior goals. 

What can you do to move you towards that outcome goal? I’ll show you what I mean, 

Someone comes to us with a body fat loss goal. Okay, great! What can we focus on to help to move towards that goal instead of focusing on the outcome itself?

Well to start, we can focus on: 

-Eating quality nutrient dense whole foods. 

-Getting your water intake every day

-Aiming to eat a vegetable at 2 of your meals 

-Focusing on fiber and high fiber foods


Do you see the difference there? By establishing behavior goals, you are much more likely to move towards your overall outcome goal than if you had just fixated on the outcome itself. Next time you have an outcome goal, write it down. Then write down a few skills that you need in order to achieve that goal. Under those skills, write 1-2 behaviors that you can do today to help build those skills. Then repeat every day. Your chances of success just doubled in that simple act itself. 


There are two other parts to this 3 part series but today, we’ll just start with this one. Next week, we’ll be dropping part two and the week following, part 3! We are getting you set up just in time for the New Year so this week, we ask you to take some time and get specific on your goals. 


What outcome do you want? 


What skills does it take to achieve that outcome? 


What BEHAVIORS can you put into practice to help strengthen that skill? ( This is where we want our focus!)


We would love to hear what you come up with! Leave a comment below or email us at 

Lets make 2019 the best year yet!

With love,