Seed Cycling. How adding these little powerhouse seeds in your diet can improve your health.

These seeds are actually BIG powerhouse healers..png

Anyone who is dealing with heavy periods, PMS, irregular cycles, and even for women going through peri-menopause and menopause should give seed cycling a try. Women’s cycles can run anywhere from 25-36 days but you can start your seed cycling on the first day of your period. If you are having irregular periods or no cycle, you can really start these seeds any time and switch every two weeks or start a new seed cycle on the new moon of that month. Here is what a typical 28 day seed cycling looks like: 

On days 1-14, want want more estrogen to help build up our uterus lining, this is called the follicular phase. During this phase we can naturally increase estrogen by eating:

1T of ground flax seed

1T ground pumpkin seed

On days 15-28, we want more progesterone, the sex hormone that a lot of women are low on. We can naturally stimulate progesterone proudction by incorporating sunflower and sesame seeds. 

1T ground sunflower

1T ground sesame seed


These seeds should be ground up and added to your daily diet. We like adding them to oatmeal or smoothies!

If that seems like too much work, the company Food Period has created Moon Bites! They come to your house, packaged for each day with the neccessary dose of seeds! They’re labeled for each day and super convenient if you are not someone who wants to grind up your own seeds. 


You CAN naturally help your body rebalance hormones and it starts with seeds. We suggest to give it about 3-6 months but you could start to see improvements much sooner.