Rocky’s 3 Month Journey!

Meet Rocky!

He came to us wanting to lean down and if ask us, that’s exactly what happened! He focused on leaning down for just under 3 months and stayed extremely consistent and focused. His hard work absolutely payed off and he’s now entering a reverse dieting phase where he can properly come out of his diet.

Thank you for choosing Flex Fuel Nutrition Rocky!

Name: Rocky Allison


Age: 35


Occupation? SUD Therapist


What do you do to stay active?

I lift weights 4-5 days out of the week for about 45-75 minutes. I also walk for 30 minutes M-TH on my lunches.


What led you to Flex Fuel?

Honestly, I had some stress come into my life and I wanted to work through it without taking any steps backwards. Sure, I was already working out, working full time, and going to college, but I felt like I was just going through the motions with those things. I wanted something new to learn, something that I had always been interested in, and something that I could benefit from and focus my mind on daily to help me work through some of the stress I was encountering. I had heard about Flex Fuel from people within the community/social media and there ya go!


What were you doing for nutrition before working w/ Flex Fuel?                         

Prior to working with Katy, I was eating somewhat healthy I just didn’t have any limit to how much or how little I was eating. In the past I had counted calories, but never macros. I felt intimidated to start, but once I got going it isn’t too difficult at all.



What were you struggling with?

I think I was struggling with portion control and not really knowing how much or how little of carbs, proteins, or fats I was putting into my body.



How did you feel?

It seems like my energy was all over the place. Some days I would have good energy and some days I would be sluggish.



Where are you now?

Today, I know exactly how many carbs, proteins, and fats I am putting into my body. Day in and day out I am eating the same amount and in turn my energy has been consistently the same.



What have you learned since working with Katy?

Katy has taught me how weighing out and tracking food is vital to any weight loss/gain program. It’s the science of the body and what I love about it is learning how to properly fuel the body and manipulate it to get the results that we are after. She has also taught me how to weigh out foods properly to get the most accurate nutrient count. To dial in my goals, she has continued to calculate and adjust my macro numbers accordingly to help me be successful. Other things she assisted with were healthy protein, carb, and fat options and suggestions on how to switch things up if things get boring (something I am still working on). She has given me information on good sleep hygiene tips, as well as ways to get optimum energy out of the day. Weeks that I’ve wanted cheat days she has given me several different options to lean on, in turn motivation to get back on track following those days/meals.



How has your confidence and knowledge changed/increased in your nutrition?

I have learned how to properly shred fat without losing too much muscle. In the past, I have lost fat, but also lost quite a bit of muscle due to lack of understanding with macros. I now understand what protein, carbs, and fats are and why they are important for the body. Throughout my journey, I have lost 1-2lbs a week and understand that any more than that I will most likely lose muscle. So, easy does it.



What have your results/biggest success been since working with Katy?

Good question. My biggest success has been setting daily food goals for myself, through nutrition, to help me get through some stress in life without self-sabotaging. You know, it’s easy to kick ourselves when we’re already down. So, it feels really good to be kind to my body and mind when the going got tough. Other than that, steady energy instead of being energetic some days and sluggish other days. Body composition wise, I have shredded the low back fat that was on the list of goals as well. I went from 217lb down to 196lb in 4 months.  I want to say since my journey started my sleep has improved as well as my joint arthritis. Lots of wins!



What are your future goals?

My future goals are to continue to stay lean so that when I am 50 I am still active. With arthritis in me knees and back, keeping the weight off is going to help me in the long run. I plan to continue working with Katy as I move forward with my nutrition goals. I just finished up my cut and now we are working on getting me back to a maintenance level of eating. If I ever decide that I want to put on a little more muscle I know who I can count on to help guide me through that process.


What’s the biggest difference between you before and you now?

I feel much lighter on my feet. I am confident in how to lose fat if that’s what I want to do. I also do not get up in the middle of the night to eat junk food because I have cravings. I feel like because my body is getting the proper amount of nutrients, I do not get cravings for sugar.



What have been your biggest challenges that you faced and have since conquered in this process?

The biggest challenges for me have been taking 1 day out of the week and focusing on grocery shopping, cooking, and meal prepping for the week. Now, it’s just routine and doesn’t take me too much time at all. Because of the rewards that I have experienced it’s really no big deal. I love the feeling of nurturing my body with good nutrition.




What are the practices, rituals, and tools that you will

implement to make sure that what you’ve learned sticks

with you?

I plan to continue to shop, prep, and count moving forward. I love setting, working towards, and achieving daily food goals. It’s a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day.




What support and resources do you need/or have you found helpful during this process?

The thing that I liked about hiring a coach was the accountability piece. Sometimes I struggle with self-accountability and it’s easy to give myself the okay to eat junk food just because I work out all the time.



What advice would you give to anyone thinking about hiring Flex Fuel Nutrition? 

Whatever your goals are I am confident Katy will help you achieve those goals. With that being said, you have to be willing to do the work she can’t do it for you. It takes a great degree of motivation, a willingness to learn, and discipline to achieve any type of nutrition goals. It becomes a new hobby or a lifestyle. For me, I have replaced bad habits with good habits and although it takes some degree of attention out of my day to make sure I am prepping, counting, and eating good foods, I am yet to experience a downside from it. I understand that if I want my body to function at its best (cognitively and physically) that I have to feed it with proper fuel.