Quick and easy cucumber salad

With football season here, we have a lot of football sunday’s spent with friends enjoying the game and company. This refreshing salad is a great option you can make and take with you that is not only macro friendly, but will also be a hit on game day. The receipe below is for one serving to make it easy for those of you tracking macros, if you’re wanting a bigger batch just double or tripple these ingredients.

3 oz. raw cherry tomato’s( I used Glory’s nature sweet)

125 grams of cucumber

1 oz white onion

1/4 TBL of olive oil

1 TBL of apple cider vinegar

Dash of sea salt

Dash of dill seasoning

Peel cucumber and dice in quarters. Slice tomatoes in half and slice up your onion, throw it all in a bowl. Add your vinegar, olive oil and seasonings, and stir altogether, then cover and refridgerate for an hour. I didn’t refridgerate mine the first time I made this because I wanted to eat it for lunch and it was just as tasty but letting it set for an hour does help the flavors set it a little more. Easy as that!

I hope you like it,