Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Overcoming negative thoughts about your body might feel like a losing battle sometimes. ⁣

Sure we should celebrate strengths and the things we love but sometimes that’s hard when you’re staring through a lens that only focuses on what you hate. ⁣

If you’re someone who hates your stomach and only focus on that being your mark of “being in shape”…you’re probably missing out on all the other positives you’ve achieved. ⁣

You might never have a six pack. So what happens when you’re constantly working for that, checking your abs every day only to see you’re still not there? ⁣

Does that mean you’re not healthy? ⁣

Does that mean you aren’t doing something right? ⁣

Does that mean you’re still not successful in your fitness? ⁣

Heck no! ⁣

Maybe you’re someone who just doesn’t have the genetic makeup to have abs and that’s okay! ⁣

It’s kind of like the saying “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”….⁣

Don’t let the one part of you that you hate, be the deterrent of your pass/fail for success. ⁣

Instead, start working to accept your body as it is. Maybe it’s not grasping for body love of those parts but more of an acceptance of them to allow you to see all the parts of you that are amazing. ⁣

What are you doing that you’re really proud of right now?