Our Top 5 Tips to Crushing the Holiday Season!

Tip #1: MAP IT OUT

  Basically the entire month of December, or really, starting at Thanksgiving to the New Year, is jam-packed with parties and social events everywhere you turn. On top of normal life to-do’s, there’s holiday gatherings everywhere you turn. The more organized we are, the more prepared we are, the more prepared we are, the more successful we are!

If we can pinpoint exactly what occasions we have coming up and can see the clear picture ahead, we can pick and choose which days we will want to indulge a little more and which ones we can stay more on track. If there are parties where we are bringing a dish, we can plan to make something a little more calorie-friendly that we can munch on and if we aren’t we can make sure to plan our day accordingly, knowing that day may be a little off our normal routine.  Maybe your office has all the holiday goodies all month long at work, choose ONE day to enjoy and then leave the rest behind. No one needs 25 days of cookies at lunch! But, maybe your sister is having a killer Christmas party that you know you will want to sit back, relax and not stress over what your calorie intake looks like! Pick what’s most important to you and what’s most worth indulging in, and build your month from there.


 It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the whirlwind of the holidays and just use the good ‘ol, “i’ll start fresh at the new year” excuse. Don’t let this be you! Stop the madness! Let’s do some math. Even if you started counting from today (December 6th when this will be released), that gives you 25, 24 hour days where you have a choice to either “wait until the New Year” or make that day a win. So, even if spread throughout the month you had 7 full days of holiday parties where you indulged, that still gives you 18 days where you have the opportunity to choose good, whole, nutritious foods and move your body! Let’s dig even deeper into the numbers. If you ate a 2k calorie diet daily for 18 of those days that would be a total of 36,000 calories. If 7 of those days were even 4k+ calories, those 7 days combined would be 28,000 give or take some. That would be a total of 64,00 calories in the month.  So think, if you decided to splurge ALL of those other days of December, you would be in a MUCH worse place! So stop making the excuses, stop waiting until the New Year and think the entire month is a wash, it’s not! NOW is the time! Even if there are some off days in between!


This is something we tell all of our clients and truly it’s not just veggies, but whole foods in general. If you are going to a party where there’s lots of temptations, load up on protein and veggies before you go. These are always hardest to come by in most scenarios, so making sure to get those in at the start of the day will ensure you are getting some nutrient-dense foods in. Never go into a party hunger, this will lead to over-indulging very easily! Use the same rule at the party, if there are options of veggies and protein, go for those first, it can help keep from going buck wild on the cookie platter from the get go! Lastly, this applies to all days surrounding your holiday events. Focus on whole, nutrient-dense foods to balance out those days where you will be indulging a little more! 


The holidays are a time to celebrate! Celebrate another year, celebrate time with family, celebrate whatever it is YOU celebrate this time of year! This often means alcohol. cocktails, wine, beer galore! Of course alcohol isn’t full of goodness for the body but it’s a big part of socialization and so there are some ways we can lessen the blow of those boozy nights! First, drink lots of water! Do your best to hit at least half of your bodyweight in ounces each day and even more if possible on the day before, of and after you will be drinking. This will help your body rid of toxins faster as well as keep you hydrated and ward off any negative side affects of alcohol. Secondly, beware of sugar! Alcohol in and of itself is loaded with calories, so adding in sugary mixers will only double or triple that number. Not to mention all of the other side affects sugar can have on our bodies! Mixing sugar with alcohol is like a double-edged sword and it will give us a huge blood sugar spike along with the affects of alcohol. We all know what goes up, must come down, so after that spike will come the crash! A recipe for a lot of calories, low energy and potentially a worsened hangover the next day! Thirdly, a good rule is to choose how many drinks you will have and stick to it. Alternate water/ drink/ water/ drink if need to be! Too much to drink can lead to more snacking as well, so be aware what those triggers are for you and do your best to go in with a plan so you aren’t tempted! 

If you haven’t already, check out our Youtube video for some macro-friendly cocktail options!



In all honesty, i stole this rule from a friend and fellow nutrition coach, but it’s just too good not to share! Looking at all of the goodies, we can easily want to have one of each thing and just go crazy! But, instead of reaching for foods just because they are there and they look good ask yourself if it’s a ‘hell yes!” Is it truly something you really want? Or is it something you can live without? Weigh your options, is it some store bought, mediocre cookie or is it great Aunt Sue’s famous homemade pie that only comes around once a year? Before you reach for a food, ask yourself if it’s TRULY something you want or if you are just reaching for it because it’s staring at you.


Hopefully these tips help you go into this holiday season feeling confident that you can enjoy it, keep a happy belly and a happy balance throughout! We know navigating through this time of year can be challenging, so we are always here to help! If you have any specific questions or concerns please never hesitate to reach out! 

Happy holidays!

Katy & Mallory