Our Top 5 Hacks to Creating A Sustainable Nutrition Plan

1. Make your goals a a PRIORITY! 

Yes, life is busy. Yes, you have kids, a job, a relationship, etc., etc., etc.! But at the end of the day, what about YOU? In order to be successful at anything, that thing must be a priority in your life and your nutrition is no different. I’ve said it in past blogs, I say it repeatedly to clients and I will say it again- if you don’t make your nutriton a priority, your health will naturally decline. What happens when your health declines? You gain weight, you become less active, you develop health issues that most likely could have been prevented, you have low energy, you have mood swings… and the list can go on! 

So, if we let our health backslide and don’t feed our body what it truly desires and needs, then what happens to all of those other areas in our lives? They suffer as well! In order to live our best life- allow our job, family and relationships  to thrive, we must prioritze our health, we actually have to be a little selfish! So how do we do that?? Here’s some simple and effective strategies:

Schedule out your week: It doesn’t have to be insanely detailed starting out, but create a basic plan and make it non-negotiable. Pin point which days you will grocery shop, which days you will food prep and if there are certain times you will have to eat out or you have a special occasion, get those on your calendar so you can game plan! I find it best to plan two grocery trips and two food prep/plan slots in the week so you don’t let that mid-week burnout bring you down!

Schedule out your day: Plan your day before it happens! If you have to take 10-15 minutes before you go to bed or get up 10 minutes earlier to plan it out, do what you need to do so you aren’t left mid day or at dinner time scrambling and just throwing up your hands. If you are someone who is super busy and “forgets to eat” (I still don’t think i’ve ever forgotten to eat! haha, I. love. food.) or forgets to drink your water, set alarms on your phone to remind you!! Meal times are non-negotiable! Even if you have to do shakes or things that are easy on the go, make it a PRIORITY!

2. Cut the excuses. 

We can all give a MILLION reasons why we don’t have time or can’t stick to a plan… but that is what separates those who succeed and those who don’t. Those who succeed don’t allow those reasons to stand in their way. Going back to number one, they make it a priority and leave the excuses for the birds. So the next time you “wish” you had the discipline, the willpower, the time, the genetics, whatever it may be that you think is the thing that it takes to succeed, remember, all of those things come from cutting the sh*t and doing the work. 

Sure, sometimes there will be actual, valid reasons why we veered off and that’s OK! We will get to that more in a bit, but a lot of the time, the reasons why we want to take a left turn, when we should take a right, is because we let other things take precedence over our goals. So what do we do when those tempting little demons creep in? 

Take a time out! Before you jump at those treats in the break room, before you say. “im too tired,” or “im too busy,” take a moment and evaluate your thoughts. Replace those thoughts with “my goals aren’t a priority,” and see how that feels! Usually, it doesn’t feel awesome and can quickly change your mindset. 

-Tell a friend. Of coarse, having a coach is our first recommendation for accountability, but beyond that tell your friends and family your goals. Make them clear and ask for them to help keep you on track. The more people around you know what you are trying to achieve, the harder it will be to make excuses and fall off track. 

3. Find the Balance.

Your nutrition is not going to be “perfect,” nor should it be!! Frankly, if your nutrition is perfect, you are probably doing something that has a means to an end! Life is meant to be enjoyed, food and drink are meant to allow us to thrive and live, but also to enjoy! Diets are all too often made up of extremes and sure, we can all probably stick to an extreme for a period of time, but eventually we will reach burnout and instead of just taking a break, we usually throw in the towel and go back to square one or even worse! 

Depending on your goals, yes, there are times where things need to be more strict and challenging, but you should always have control of your diet, you should always know your plan and if you need a break- mentally or physically- you can do that without falling off track completely! A few things to consider when creating a nutrition plan for you:

Know your non-negotiables: Your plan should take into consideration what’s important to you. We know that food and drink absolutely have a social aspect to them and often times that means dinner out on the weekend for date night, ice cream with your kids every Sunday or a glass of wine every Friday night. It’s something that you absolutely don’t want to give up, and that’s OK! Establishing your non-negotiables at the start will allow you to have a nutrition plan that works for you, doesn’t leave you feeling deprived or like you’re missing out and then you can structure the rest of your week around. 

Know life will have different seasons: “Balance” in one season of your life may not be the same kind of balance in the next. Getting lean or seeing abs may be your priority one season and the next it may be just feeling good in your skin and finding an ideal balance for you lifestyle, or it may be seeing performance gains. Whatever it is, it’s important to know life isn’t linear, it is always changing as our nutrition should be as well. Be flexible, go with the ebb and flow of life and always evaluate where you’re at and what your current goals are.

5-hacks-to-sustainable -nutrition.jpg

4. Keep it Vanilla, with a little sprinkle here and there!

Yes, we love the fact that flexible eating can allow you to eat a large variety of foods and change things up! However, the truth is with the hustle and bustle of life, we usually need to keep things basic and then spice it up when we can. 

Routine is king when it comes to a successful nutrition plan. Consistency is the “steadfast adherance to the same principles.” It is easiest to stick to a plan when we repeat something over and over and create a long-lasting habit. If we are completely changing everything we eat every single day, it’s often much harder to stick to a plan. We may not absolutely fall in love with every single meal we eat and that’s ok! 

Change it up periodically! Once you have a really solid routine down, then you can change it up! Plan a day in the week to try a new dish and slowly incorporate new things when you feel confident in nailing down the basics of your plan! Over time it will be easier to improvise or throw in new things on the regular. 

5. Accountability. 

Of coarse we can’t leave this one out and it’s for good reason of course! It’s just a proven fact that we all do better when we have someone helping us along the way. We all have challanges, no matter how seasoned we are at practicing good nutrition. All of the points made above can be made that much easier when you have an accountability partner to keep you on track, bounce your feelings off of and help make sure emotions don’t interefere with what is best for you! 

No matter what your goals are or where you are at in your nutrition journey, I truly believe that all five of these principles are key to successful, long-lasting habits. If you continually work to improve each area, you will be living a life with well-balanced nutrition!