No bake cookie dough bites!

As a little kid, did your mom ever let you lick the spoon when she was baking? Lucky you if so…mine did NOT haha. She was being a great mom, always watching out for us and you know what? No salmonella poisoning here! Plus, she baked all the time and we got to reap the benefits of that when those cookies came out of the oven.

I recently started following an instagram account that posts amazing content about how to talk to your kids about nutrition and how to teach them good habits in a roundabout way. One of the things she discusses is that by having things like cookies or candy in moderation in every day diet, it prevents your child from feeling restricted. Feeling restricted can lead to sneaking food, binging, and obsessing about food but if you show the how you can fit those things into your diet through balance, it reduces/eliminates that urgency that feeling restricted can bring. I totally agree. My mom always baked cookies or bars or whatever new dessert recipe she stumbled upon pretty much weekly and we never really batted an eye at it. Sure we would have a cookie or a serving of it but there was definitely never an urgency to scarf the entire pan.

Plus, just because we label something “cookie” or “candy” or “dessert” doesn’t mean its bad. There are plenty of sweet treats out there that are made with really great ingredients. Teaching kids early on about balance with nutrition is great and there are plenty of adults who I get the opportunity to work with that are learning the beauty of balance.

I recently had dinner at a friends house who’s mom actually introduced me to this recipe. She called them “fat bombs” since they’re higher fat, lower carb bites. The higher fat makes them much more satiating so eating one at night while I’m unwinding from the day definitely hits the spot. Here is what you need:



132 grams of creamy peanut butter ( you can use whatever kind of nut butter you like)

1 container of reduced fat cream cheese ( I used the 1/3 less fat)

45 grams of Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips (here is a two pack off Amazon)

4 TBL of Munkfruit sweetener (ordered off Amazon)

Set out cream cheese so it can soften to room temperature. Once soft, mix cream cheese and peanut butter together. Once fully combined, add in mini chocolate chips and munkfruit sweetener and mix. You can either line a baking sheet with parchment paper or buy the little mini parchment cups I used. I then used a cookie scoop (pictured below) to make 16 cookie dough balls and put each on in a parchment cup. Stick in the freezer for an hour and once frozen, transfer to air tight container and store in freezer. Eat as desired :)

cookie dough scoop

Macros for one cookie dough bite (if you get 16 balls out of your batch):

7.9 fat

2.9 carbs

2.9 protein


You could up the protein on these by adding in collagen as well!

These are a new favorite of mine, I hope you guys enjoy them just as much!

With love,