Miso Gyoza Soup

I know its summer and you’re probably thinking “What the heck are they giving me a soup recipe for?!” but sometimes I need to change things up a bit and miso soup is one of my favorite bases! Plus, I didn’t really feel like cooking and I had all of these ingredients in my apartment without having to go to the store so it forces a gal to be creative :)


What you’ll need:

-Miso Ginger Broth ( I got mine from Trader Joes)

-Fresh Bok Choy


-Gyoza potstickers ( I used the chicken ones from Trader Joe’s, they had better macros than others I looked at)

-Green onion for garnish

miso soup


Start by heating two cups (16 oz) of your miso ginger broth on medium heat. Add in chopped bokchoy along with your chopped broccoli (I used 3 oz of both)

chopped broccoli and bokchoy

Once broccoli is almost cooked and bokchoy is wilted, add in your gyoza ( I used 7) and let it simmer for another 5 minutes until cooked.


Transfer to a bowl and garnish with some green onion.

Easy as that!

The macros for my entire bowl (and it was a big bowl, I had two servings of it) were:

43.4 carbs

4.8 fat

15.3 protein


You could even add in some cooked ground chicken or turkey to up the protein for this recipe!

Hope you guys like it!