Millie O. Age:25

I was introduced to Flex Fuel back in February by a friend who not only is one of the strongest women I know in and out of the gym, but also a Flex Fuel client who was so so happy with her new nutrition program! So I was obviously like um yes sign me up too please? It was that time of year – after I had consumed all the wine, carbs and Christmas cookies; right before gearing up for the Crossfit Open. Needless to say I wanted change! 

However, I didn’t realize the mental, emotional, and physical curveballs life was going to throw me. The first couple weeks I was on top of it but then the following 2 months I was an inconsistent train wreck. Not checking in, guesstimating my macros, drinking too much. I had to tell Mallory (my coach), I needed to hit pause and would reach back out when I felt ready. Fast forward to June 14, 2016 I was ready to dive in head first. This time felt different, I felt secure and confident that I could do this. That change I wanted to see in my body, that I felt was always a hopeful, someday sort of wish would become my reality. And I would not have come close to where I am now without Mallory and Flex Fuel. I never knew what macros or macro counting were before joining. Definitely didn’t think I would ever weigh out my food portions. Thought my paleo-ish diet was healthy. But it didn’t teach me how to eat mindfully. With this program it really taught me to not look at food like I can’t have this or that, but what foods will fill me up, keep me energized, and make me stronger. All while hitting my weekly macro numbers. And that turned healthy decisions into automatic choices. 

If you are having reservations about jumping on board and seeking help with this program I urge you to give it a try. My body has transformed in a way I never thought it could, and I am stronger now than I have ever been in my life. I seriously can’t give Flex Fuel or my coach Mallory enough praise and gratitude. If you are mentally committed, honest with yourself and your coach then you will without a doubt see success and progress towards your goals with this program. Trust the process, trust your coach, and mind your macros!”