Melody: Focusing on FIT!

Meet Melody!

I have had the pleasure working with Melody for several years and I wanted to take a moment to give her a big shoutout and brag as her coach. Melody is such an amazing testament to just putting in the work and putting in the time, even when it feels like progress is slow or life gets in the way.

Melody loves to travel, hike and be outdoors! She is a super talented cook and she always makes mouth-watering food that we drool at through our screens! She is also a wizard at food planning, even when she’s out in the wilderness backpacking, she has it all planned out, vacuum sealed and ready to go! She has a jam-packed daily schedule and still makes time to Crossfit, run and make sure she’s having fun and living life everywhere in between.

I absolutely love being her coach because she keeps it real. She’s not afraid to call her own self out if she knows there are areas she can improve on, she’s super honest and she constantly pushes herself inside and outside of the gym. Instead of just focusing on the number on the scale, she’s shifted her mindset to focusing on what her body can do and she has been CRUSHING it in the gym! Setting new PR’s, nailing new skills and seeing her body composition change while she’s at it.

Melody is a great example and reminder that real change can and will happen if we lean into what feels good for our body. Don’t force it, live your life, set your eyes on your goals and go after them! Fueling to LIVE is a concept she’s so good at grasping and even if she has some days or even a week off plan, she always comes back to home base and hops right back on!

Thank you for always working so hard and being such an inspiration to even me, your coach!