Megan, the road from defeat to empowerment.

I just have to say that I love love love our Flex Fuel peeps. Having this occupation gives me an amazing opportunity to meet so many people from all over the country, with different backgrounds and stories. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Megan since October of last year and one major thing that stood out to me when we first talked was how defeated she felt. She had worked with a coach before and felt like sometimes her struggles/challenges fell on deaf ears. She had great success at first but it wasn’t something she was able to maintain and she had no idea what the next step was.

Over the course of our time together, I have gotten the privilege to teach her the importance of coming out of a calorie deficit. I’ve been able to talk to her about nutritional periodization and why its not only a must for progress but also for mental health, to not always live in a cut. Right now, we are slowly increasing her intake out of her cut and getting her to a place that is easier to maintain. She has some big changes coming up in her life and we don’t want to add additional stress to her body by having her be in a cut.

I’ve watched her confidence grow as she’s mastered good nutrition in social situations, vacations and work events. She’s onto the next adventure of her life and I’m confident that she has the skillset now to continue her journey on her own.

How long you’ve been tracking with Flex Fuel:

About 8 months

What was your goal when you signed up?

When I joined Flex Fuel, my goal was to lose body fat, while still balancing my social life. Now my goal is the maintain my current weight, while I focus more energy to other obligations.

How would you describe your experience with Flex Fuel Nutrition?

Prior to joining, I had tracked macros for 3 years, but two years ago I went through some big life changes and gained all the weight back that I had worked so hard to lose. After several months of tracking on my own with some success, I started to have too many “slip ups” and knew I needed the accountability in my nutrition. Flex Fuel is the first program I’ve joined that provided education on a maintained phase, instead of just being in a caloric deficit all the time…game changer! I used to think the only way I could be successful with my nutrition was if I was losing weight, It felt so freeing to know that I could put a pause on losing weight, without losing all my progress. Hand down the biggest victory for me is knowing I can maintain my progress in a very manageable way. HUGE shoutout to my coach Mallory for teaching me the balance I needed.

We love ya girl and we can’t wait to see all the amazing adventures you have over this next year! Cheers!

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