Meet Sydney!

In February I started flex fuel to get in better shape for my wedding and also to find a balance in eating with my busy work schedule. In March  everything got shut down and flex fuel was my biggest motivation and the reason quarantine didn’t have a super negative affect on me.”
My biggest challenge so far has been finding time for workouts and meal prep but after I had time to workout and pack I started seeing results and I knew I had to keep it up. I made time for it by managing my time better on the weekends.”
My biggest success was learning what my body needed and seeing results. My wedding dress was tighter when I got it and it fit perfect day of  which was my goal. I love the flex fuel eating process because you actually get to eat and feel full and see results. My favorite treat to fit into my macros is ice cream. Mallory said in one of the posts that dreyers slow churned macros aren’t terrible for a serving size so just once a week I would have some just to fulfill that craving but saved room for it in my macros.”
My favorite macro hack is tracking all of your macros the day before and making sure each meal is balanced so you don’t screw yourself over on one meal and have to sacrifice later. I loved having Katy as a coach because she was dedicated to getting me where I needed to be and taught me along the whole process how to deal with not only eating but how to handle stress, workout advice, and weekly advice on how I can better my self for the coming weeks. I highly recommend Flex Fuel if you are looking for a positive change.”
Flex fuel has forever changed the way I eat and look at food. Not only seeing results verified that this process is successful but I’ve never felt better and more energized in my adult life. Im so grateful for flex fuel! “
Every client we work with has a unique journey and we feel so privileged to work with so many different, people on their individual journey. Thank you for all your hard work and your dedication to the process Sydney!