Meet Duane!

⭐️Meet Duane⭐️

Duane started his weight loss journey & made amazing progress, then was looking for that next push past his plateau! We are so thankful to get to be a part of his journey & cannot wait to see what’s ahead! Duane is an amazing example of how creating healthier habits will allow you to LIVE your life to the fullest!

Thank you for letting us be a part in your story Duane!

“Oct 28th, 2019. We had just gotten back from a birthday trip with friends and family at Lincoln City. Got on the scale that morning weighing in at 350.8, the highest in my life. That day I started making changes. An Onalaska guy named Fred, came over Tuesday night for my first boxing workout. At the time I didn’t know what I wanted or expected out of working out with someone I barely knew. He suggested 20 jumping jacks as a “warm up”. I suggested he leave. (Not really, but 20 of those felt like the workout should be over). Fred would start coming over once a week. I would do workouts on my own, hit and miss, but the accountability factor was in place. We had a Vegas trip in February as a bonus if I lost x amount of weight. We went on that trip and I started looking for extra motivation, hence the Susan G Komen 60 mile walk in 3 days. One of the friends in that walk group then text me about using a nutritionist friend of hers. And now Katy enters the picture around 10 weeks ago, helping me learn how to count macros, learn food all over again, and find a solid balance of not being on a “diet” as I told her dieting has never worked for me as it’s not sustainable long term.
Fast forward to this morning. I weighed in at 275.4 (75.4 pounds lost). Fred and I still work out once a week. I have my weekly check-ins with Katy on Mondays (another solid accountability partner), and I’ve been doing and learning things I never dreamed I would ever do again. I have my life back. I have 3 active boys and an active wife I can keep up with now. If you think you’re to old or to overweight to change your life, you’re not. It’s small steps at first. It’s mental. You have to find accountability partners. Thank you to my huge support team starting with Fred Sturza, who’s been on this journey with me for almost 9 months now. And then my wife who works out with me the rest of the week and helps with cooking healthy options, and helps count macros. And Katy who has been a wealth of knowledge and positivity when it comes to nutrition and workouts. And finally all my 60 mile walking friends, Terry, Jody, Tyler, Angie, and Amy, and my friends that don’t workout with me, but are always there encouraging me. Love and appreciate you all.”