Meet Andi!



Shes a great example of why nutritional periodization is key. Her goal when she signed up was to lean down and get to 13-15% body fat. I had her in a cut for about 4 months, she got to her goal and now we’ve been focusing on slowly increasing intake to get her to a much more sustainble level in terms of caloreis. More food doesnt mean you’ll gain back what you lost….more food means more fuel to live your every day life. It means more fuel to push through your workouts. It means more flexibility and with Andi, she’s hitting her lowest bodyfat % to date. Here is what she had to say about Flex Fuel Nutrition: 

How long you’ve been tracking with Flex Fuel?

6 months

What was your goal when you signed up for the program? 

My goal was to get LEAN initially.  Now my goal is to eat as many calories as possible while maintaining leanness and to get stronger and fitter!

How has your experience been in working with Flex Fuel Nutrition?

I love this program!  Even though I know what to eat and how much to eat, the accountability and support you get from FlexFuel is the game changer.  Mallory has been so supportive, encouraging, and takes the time to explain the “why” of nutrition.

If you are truly ready to take control of your nutrition, to become as healthy as possible, I’d HIGHLY encourage you to give Flex Fuel Nutrition a shot.  See what can happen in 3 months, just 12 little weeks! If you stick to the plan, you WILL see the results you’ve always hoped for – whatever that means for you, leanness, strength, energy, not feeling controlled by food anymore.

What has been your biggest takeaway or victory thus far?

FREEDOM!! When “dieting” in the past, I was extremely strict, black and white, no nonsense.  Which works great! You don’t have to think about what you’re eating – you just put your head down and GO.

I wasn’t sure I could handle IIFYM/flexible dieting.  The freedom to “eat whatever I wanted” was a little unbelievable, but, feeling a little burnt out, I decided to give it a shot! (Thanks, Kaylene!)

I’M SOLD!! I now look forward to EVERY meal I eat.  I used to dread certain meals (chicken/broccoli/rice bleh).  Of course, for the best results and to be the HEALTHIEST, you choose quality foods.  I’ve made it a daily goal to get as much fiber as possible, which has really helped! (Thanks, Andrea!)  Now when I have a special occasion to go to (bday parties/work parties/date nights), I can fit that into my macros for the day and not feel bad about it.  I’ve also noticed my body doesn’t have as much of a negative reaction as it used to when I eat foods that have more sodium/sugar/etc in them.

It does take a little more work to calculate your foods every day in MyFitnessPal, but really only initially.  It’s a little bit like Tetris! I like to keep things as simple as possible, so I end up eating almost the same thing every day, knowing I can change it up at any time. You can save any meal you make, and it becomes a one-click process to add that meal to your day.  Plus, you LEARN about what’s in the food you eat!

Now that I’ve achieved a level of leanness that I’m happy with, I am focused on performance – and it’s already paying off!  Muscle-ups, PR’ing benchmark WODs, beating the boyfriend in WODs, and still increasing strength!! I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in the next six months!


If you are ready to make a change in your nutrition so that you can feel your best, this program is for you! Each and every one of our clients is different and your nutrition plan should be personalized specifically for YOU! If you want to know more or just to chat about what our program is like, shoot us a message at 


Thanks Andi for the amazing testimonial and for giving Flex Fuel Nutrition a shot!