Meet Amy, this weeks client shoutout!

Amy came to us with a few goals:

  1. She wanted to learn long term sustainability with her nutrition.
  2. She wanted to gain the confidence to know that one “off” day wouldn’t determine her entire week.
  3. She wanted to lean down and feel comfortable in her clothes!
One of her biggest victories? “Being honest about my food intake and when I’ve gone over a macros category (fats and carbs are my favorites ), not feeling shame or defeated.”

“Mallory is a GREAT coach. I look forward to our weekly chats ~ she’s always got encouragement, wisdom and knowledge to communicate and does it in a supportive, positive, non-shaming way. “

Amy has lost about 15 lbs while working with Flex Fuel and gained a much healthier relationship with food. She’s had vacations, her step-son’s weekend long baseball tournaments, date nights and other social gatherings mixed in between and still made progress through it all.  We’ve been able to chat weekly about each of these things so she headed into them feeling fully confident in the plan and when Monday rolled around, she didn’t feel like she was doing damage control from the weekend.  She’s kicking butt in her journey to health!

There has been some recent controversy on social media over before/after pictures. Some people feel like the after picture only represents success because the person is usually leaner and that can build a negative self image because it indicates something was wrong with the starting pictures. There is NOTHING wrong with the person in the starting pictures.

As a coach, I love to celebrate both versions because the starting version made a commitment to better themselves and the after version shows how that commitment paid off. I see no reason why we shouldn’t celebrate that!  I love before and after pictures because when I see these pictures I see so much more depth than the obvious physical change and I want to explain to  you a little more about what a before and after picture means to me. I see someone who committed to their progress and put in the work to achieve their goals. I see someone who didn’t feel their best in that before picture which prompted them to go outside of their comfort zone and start working with a coach. I see someone who had ups and downs that are SO common in any health journey and yet they stuck with the program. I see someone who learned valuable skills during their journey with us because we were able to teach them proper nutrition. I see someone who didn’t have to go to unhealthy extremes to get results. I see someone who finally felt FOOD FREEDOM after years of miserably dieting and yet they look and feel their best. When we focus on good health & proper nutrition without extremes, the weight loss is just an added bonus! We’re super proud of you Amy, thanks for allowing us to share your journey thus far!!


With love,
Coach Mal